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Importance of Plastic Surgery

Opinions are a dime a dozen; everyone’s got one. When it comes to the topic of plastic surgery, everyone’s got a dozen opinions about whether it’s good or bad, but in today’s highly visual world, it can be argued that plastic surgery can be important to not only improve how you look according to your own standards, but how you feel about yourself as well. If it boosts your self-confidence, why not go for plastic surgery? 

Plastic surgery is becoming more commonplace in the US, even if some people still feel shy about sharing what they’ve gotten done and for how much. Luckily, data from the Aesthetic Neural Network (ANN), shows that plastic surgery was indeed still important and even grew throughout COVID-19. The most popular plastic surgical procedures for women were liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, breast implants (including removal and replacement), as well as breast lifts. While plastic surgery is usually considered important only to women, data suggests that both women and men want to look and feel good about themselves. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that men’s top surgical procedures include liposuction and tummy tucks as well, in addition to gynecomastia to deal with what’s commonly known as “man boobs,” blepharoplasty or the fixing of droopy eyelids, and rhinoplasty or nose surgeries. 

The importance of plastic surgery can’t be stressed enough given modern society’s obsession with youth and all that it entails: plump, smooth, glowing skin, gravity-defying facial features and body parts, and a lean body. Plastic surgery can be integral in the quest to look your best. Just as people believe that you should, “dress for the job you want,” plastic surgery can be the confidence booster that you need as a man or woman. Perhaps you feel insecure going on first dates or even approaching people for first dates. Maybe you’re not even comfortable in a swimsuit or wearing form-fitting clothing. While not inexpensive, plastic surgery can help alleviate feelings of anxiety, insecurity, and self-depreciation that often holds us back from living our best lives. Many reputable and skilled plastic surgeons now offer payment plans to make plastic surgery accessible to prospective patients who believe that self-care can include going under the knife. It’s true that beauty is only skin deep, but it’s also true that we only get to make a first impression once and that first impression is with our looks. All too often, even though it’s not politically correct, we make an initial judgment with just a glance. Make it an impactful one.

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