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Super Bowl: Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are poised to make a deep run in the playoffs and possible Super Bowl. But, before they can get to the big dance, they have to complete a successful regular season. Led by Super Bowl winning head coach Doug Pederson, the team will heavily rely on third year quarterback Trevor Lawrence to take the next step in his career. 

Last year during the trade deadline, the Jaguars added Calvin Ridley to give Trevor another weapon to an already loaded offense. Ridley is coming off a season long suspension for gambling on NFL games. At his peak, he’s a true number one receiver. His presence on the field will open up more opportunities for Zay Jones (who’s coming a career season), Christian Kirk (he had his first career 1000 yards last season). This trio combined with tightend Evan Engram makes the Jaguars offense one of the potent in the NFL. Last season, the Jaguars right around 24 points a game. With the addition of Ridley, they should be one of the league top scoring teams.

The defense is anchored by outside linebacker Josh Allen who’s in a contract year. The tandem of Allen and last year first overall pick in Trevon Walker, the Jaguars should lead the league in turnovers (last year, the defensive unit was 4th in the league). They will benefit off the fact that the offense will put pressure on the opposing offense with its scoring ability. That will give the defense the opportunity to pin their ears back and defend the pass more.

One of the main reasons why the Jaguars should make it to the Super Bowl is the opposing schedule. The Jaguars play two rookies in their division. That should count for 4 wins. Next, they play the NFC South which looks like one of weakest divisions in the NFC. They will be favorite in all 4 match ups. If they can win does games and split in their games versus on the NFC North, that will result in 10 wins. And, if they split in against Titans and their matchups agains the Chiefs, Bills, that will put them at 12-5 record which should most likely put them in the one seed in the AFC at the start of the playoffs. They will only need to win two games to make it to the Super Bowl.

The combination of head coach Doug Perversion, emergence of Trevor Lawrence and the defense taking the step and a favorable schedule, don’t be surprised to see the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Super Bowl.

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