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Jaguar F Pace

It’s been awhile since our own research turned up so many immediate positive reviews for a new auto. A car may need a year or more after leaving the gate before it generates a buzz or has any eyes on it. It usually takes time for a car to catch on and for drivers to write their reviews.

Every now and again a special car comes along that breaks that mold. The Jaguar F Pace first graced us with its presence a short few months ago. Yet there’s already a litany of reviews and driver feedback online.

The car boasts a 5/5 score from Car and Driver, a 4.6/5 from Edmunds.com, and a 9.1/10 from U.S. Best New Cars. That’s not bad for any SUV. It’s not bad for any Jaguar.

So what’s all the buzz about?

This is the first Jaguar luxury SUV in the world. That explains the curiosity surrounding the car’s launch. But Jaguar must have done something right. Those ratings are outstanding for a car in that position.

We’ve seen auto manufacturers drop the ball trying to build a true-to-form SUV before. It’s not always easy. For Jaguar to show up late to the party with a vehicle people are saying might be best-in-class is no small feat. The luxury SUV market is already crowded, and drivers are spoiled for choice. There are already a few dozen SUVs in line to compete for any driver’s money.

Let’s take a look at how the F Pace propelled itself to the front of that line so fast.

Jaguar F Pace


Feast your eyes. There’s no telling what took Jaguar so long to make a luxury SUV. But you might argue it’s because they were biding their time. The company’s had plenty of time to watch all the other SUVs of the past 15 years come and go.

They seem to have been taking notes. Jaguar have addressed some nagging issues plaguing the modern SUV. That is, drivers tend to think their biggest failing is their appearance. The cars don’t always look so great, and those craving a sporty look are often left disappointed. Shoddy designs have given birth to a whole lot of skeptics.
The F Pace gives those skeptics reason for silence and not much else. It’s every bit as recognizable and stylish as any Jaguar. With an entire fleet of cars famous around the world for their appearance, that’s a lot of style.

The front end is nigh-unrecognizable from some of the sportier models in Jaguar’s lineup.


It may be a copout, but a lot of the same things apply to the interior of the car. Jaguar’s not one to rack up too many complaints about what comes out of their design department. With the F Pace’s interior, Jaguar knew exactly whose book to take a page from — their own. Some of the company’s models are world-beaters when it comes to luxury and class. By applying what they already know works well, Jaguar have given the F Pace a great jumping off point.
Without even touching on what happens when you turn the key, things don’t look too bad. Jaguar is already two for two, and they haven’t had to lift a finger to get there.

Jaguar F Pace


About the car’s performance. The base price will get you a 340-hp 3.0-liter supercharged V-6. You can shell out a little more to treat yourself to 40 extra horses. One way or another, the F Pace is a worthy match for its competition. The car’s 0-60 times are on par with in-class offerings from BMW, Mercedes, and the best of them.
For ride quality Jaguar chose to endow their drivers with plenty of variability. The chassis is quite the multitasker, able to handle whatever the roads throw at it with quiet ease.
You can learn more about the technical details on Jaguar’s own website. As it’s a first edition model for the company and still the new kid on the block, there’s still a lot to learn about the car. We’ll be hearing love stories about the F Pace for some time to come.


Our final verdict on the F Pace is that it’s stunning for a first crack at a luxury SUV. We’ve all seen manufacturers do much worse. The base model costs $70,695. Considering what this car is capable of and how many heads it promises to turn, that’s quite a steal.


Video courtesy of Motor Trend


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