Four Quotes from Jazmin Ivy

“Live for today, learn from yesterday and plan for tomorrow.” 

“When asked how I am I always say….”could

be better, could be worse, so, I guess I can’t complain.” 

“Look at that posture! It’s perfect. The perfect blend of confidence and professionalism. She is decisive and firm, but gentle at the same time. Her mannerisms are graceful and ooze sex appeal. When she walks in a room, people take notice.  She can be cold and harsh or loving and gentle depending how you treat her.”

“She is protective and trustworthy. She fights for hers until the end. People either love or hate her and with all her dignity, she lives off it. For she keeps in mind that, to know her, is to love her. Always keeping her loved ones close; never behind her. She is your modern day Renaissance Woman. You would never know by looking at her; where she came from, or how she became the person she is today…….She is me! WELCOME TO MY WORLD!”

Model Jazmin “Ivy” Rodriguez + IG: @JazminIvy1

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