Jivan Mizuri is an international trader, business doer and entrepreneur along with other roles attached to his name such as debater, motivator and speaker. Trading and business has been a major part in Jivan Mizuri’s life and he has been doing this for quite a long time. With many ways to take the trading business to a whole new level, it is seen that such collaborations are making a great impact. As is the case with Jivan Mizuri and Ben & Jessica (“B&J”) which is another reputed trading company that has been operating in Dubai since a long time. 

However, the news that becomes a topic of discussion is that Jivan Mizuri will lead B&J in Dubai. B&J has been doing trade with various regions like Europe, South America, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa as well as Middle East. They have been exporting and importing various leather and textile products to these regions of the world and have been growing ever since. The news that came by as Jivan Mizuri will be leading B&J in Dubai clearly states that now B&J is taking over new things in Dubai with the support of the reputed trader based in Dubai. 

It is also important to know about the deal which will benefit both the parties and will bring some new changes in the trading business. Apart from that, the businesses will also grow rapidly at their distinctive positions which again will help in profit creation as well as employment. Dubai has been a hub for many growing and existing businesses and is still one of the best places to do business in. With the popularity Jivan Mizuri’s work ethic, B&J is trying to grab a foothold on the Dubai market as well which will help them increase their client base with a simple yet effective step. 

There are many other important aspects of the business collaboration and will be discussed in detail by the company once everything is finalised and on the verge of starting. The best part of this collaboration is that the world will see how two reputed international traders come together to make the best of the business with some smart moves. 

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