Joni Beauchesne, born in 1993, is a Native American-French model, actress, and spokesperson now living in Los Angeles. Joni (AKA Joni Lyn) was raised in a small town just outside of Boston. She grew up surrounded by the beauty industry with her mother, a celebrity stylist, on both the East and West Coast. Her mother, Julie Beauchesne, created Je Beau International ( in the year of 2003. An old Hollywood glamour hair care and cosmetic company designed for the camera.

“I jumped on board with Je Beau International professionally and unknowingly at the age of 12. I had to beg my mom to allow me to get my pictures taken at one of her magazine shoots. I was very intimated by all the strikingly beautiful 6-foot tall models but my determination pushed my fear aside. Having my first real modeling experience, I fell in love with the camera! I felt like I had won the lottery when the creative directors of the shoot ended up choosing my pictures to send into magazines for publication. From that shoot on, I had become the face of Je Beau International. I went on to complete an apprenticeship for beauty making. Studying both hair and makeup led me to my professional license. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after when I was 19 years old. I jumped right into acting school with intense full time study for 3 years. I am now 23 and more exciting than ever to continue my creative journey!“

When not modeling, Joni has a passion for acting, traveling, and working with animals. She has recently started a fund called Healing Hearts of Animals, which donates to shelters and rescues in need.



Photo Credits:

Cropped Body/Grey Dress-
Photographer: Tom Carson
Hair: Julie Beauchesne
Makeup: Joni Beauchesne