James Beauvil or JTB is the first model to signed with Industry Rules’ IR Innovations.  Being a model/fitness model is something JTB always envision for himself ever since he left his Haiti.  Constantly mistaken as an NFL player, JTB would always joke that he could have possibly played in the league or compete in the modeling industry. A few months ago, he took he joke seriously and started a mission that his friends and family are in shock until this day.

Back in March, James place a bet with the Editor-in-Chief that he could get down to 190lbs (down from 240lbs) in 90 days without taking supplements or any weight-loss pills.  He vowed that he will enter the industry of modeling once he achieve his goal. The Editor agree to assist him in his quest if he shed the weight.

In less than 90 days, JTB met the Editor at Blink Fitness and reported in at 192 lbs.  He chiseled his body to the tune of losing nearly 50 pounds of fat while keeping a healthy BMI. How did he do it?

He essentially lost weight  by cutting back on bread, starchy foods and eliminating sugar and sugar products while working-out four hours a day (two two-hour shifts).  His meals consist of skinless baked chicken, salads with no dressing, fruits, nuts and water.  It took at least 10 years off his life as people he hasn’t seen in years wouldn’t notice him when he walked by.  It’s truly an amazing story!  Hard work plus dedication equals success.

Update: He’s now signed to Industry Rules’ IR Innovations and they are looking to take his modeling career to the next level.