Originally from industrial city in Russia, Kursk, I came from the
family of doctor and engineer. I started my dancing career at the age
of three. My mother brought me to the school of arts, where I studied
acting, singing, painting, English. I’ve tried different dance styles
such as ballet, folk, ballroom. I put a lot of time and effort to
succeeded, having long trainings almost every day and taking part in
competitions. One day I realized that I’m already enough experienced
and inspired to share this knowledge of dance art with others. I made
my first choreography performance at the age of 13, and few years
later my dance show group started to win competitions. 

After I graduated from prestigious high school, I decided to be a
programmer and moved to Moscow at the age of 16. It was hard to start
a new life in a big city without friends or relatives. But
perseverance, hard work and ambitions gave me strength in achieving my
goals. I graduated from one of the leading universities of the country
with a degree in Information Technology, started to work as a
choreographer and web-designer to earn my living. After studying in
Royal Academy of dance in London and fitness certification, I started
my own dance classes in Moscow where I taught children and grown ups
such styles as modern jazz, contemporary ballet, high heels, flamenco
and others.

I loved to pose in front of the camera even when I was a little girl.
Grace and flexibility of my dancer’s body was noticed by
photographers, so I’ve become demanded model at 16. As practitioners
of non-verbal communication, dancers have ability to interpret
abstract concepts through visual expression. So, because of being
artistic and emotional person, it is easy for me to express anything
with my face and body language. I was noticed by modeling agent on
Moscow Fashion week in 2015.

Then I decided to try the fortune in USA. New York was another big
city where I had to start everything from the beginning, and also to
improve myself through exchange of cultural experiences and knowledge.
My debut was on New York Fashion Week in September 2016, where I was
noticed by manager of Couture MA. After 8 years of modeling career I
have contracts with few modeling agencies, take part in fashion weeks,
runway shows, photoshoots for magazines, designer collections and
catalogs, video shoots for commercials and music artists. And I keep
on moving forward! And, of course, continue to create choreography and
to give personal training.


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Portrait photographer @Nata.ph
Dance photographer @Ryabis

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