My name’s Karolina Shchehorieva. I was born in Ukraine on October 2, 1995. So, I’m libra and that’s why the most difficult for me is to make a decision. It was 2 years of hesitations before I came to the USA. I came straight to New York City and lived with my aunt. As I had many friends back home, it was very difficult for me to be alone here. I spent almost all days on Skype and Facebook, chatting with friends, who were constantly asking when I’ll finally come home. Then I started working as a waitress and made new friends, life became much better. As I’m thin and tall (my height is 5’9″) all my friends constantly asked me why I don’t want to do modeling. I was always considered myself as too shy for that. Even in Ukraine when I received an invitation to come to the agency’s office, I just postponed it as much as possible. As I wasn’t sure that it’s mine cup of tea and I wasn’t sure if I’ll be good in it. As I am a perfectionist I need to be good at everything. Finally, I came to their office, but as I studied in the other city, not in my own where the agency was located, I still decided that education is more important. At that time I studied English and German as I wanted to be an interpreter. Right now I study at Kingsborough community college, my major is accounting. And I decided that for now I’m able to study, work as a waitress and do modeling. As basically, when I finally tried myself as a model, I really loved it, I enjoy shooting, doing fashion shows. Just the process of preparation to the shoot makes me feel happy and glad. Right now I’m non-exclusive with EMG model management and I’m waiting for February and beginning of NYFW.