Kelsey Adams is a multi-dimensional person to say the least. An entrepreneur, model and actress, she is also a fashion blogger and creative director of StyleYuu. Her endeavors have not only created the woman she has become, but it has given her the wisdom she needed to create her definition of success. To give us a better picture of how she has created her own success by her own definition, she sat down with Industry Rules to give us an inside look into her world.

SG: Who is Kelsey Adams?
KA: I am a fashion blogger, model, actress and creative director.

SG: What motivated you to create StyleYuu?
KA: It’s interesting because I’ve always been into modeling and directing for my
outside projects, but never had a platform to express my own personal creativity that is new and different. So I created Style Yuu to show my inspiration and creativity and to help promote other creative projects as well. I am really big on supporting others and I believe there is enough room for everyone.

SG: In addition to what motivated you to create Style Yuu, is that why you chose fashion blogging as your niche?
KA: Absolutely! I am really familiar with the field and have a really deep love for fashion. Later down the road, I want to go into designing and traveling, but I thought the fashion route was a good way to familiarize myself more as well as teach other people who aren’t familiar with what is going within their local fashion community.

SG: What Have you learned on your path of entrepreneurship while creating your own business?
KA: You have to be extremely open-minded and you cannot give up for anything or for anyone. I’ve been in this business for about 8 years and you just never stop learning because fashion is constantly changing. So much is changing in the world in general, and so there are always changes you have to adapt to. Also, there is always something to learn from everyone, whether experienced or not. and you always have to take everything one day at a time. Learn to live in the present and don’t let the business overtake your life and not enjoy the ride.

SG: Do you believe that you have to sacrifice to achieve all these goals?
KA: To an extent, yes because it heavily depends on how much you want to delve into what you’re doing. For myself in particular, I made a major choice to leave my family in Virginia and move to New York to pursue my career and I never looked back. I must say it was the best choice I ever made. I say this because the move wasn’t just for my career. It was for myself and because of that I was able to find a piece of myself. So yes, there is some level of sacrifice required to pursue anything you’re passionate about.

SG: How do you manage your schedule when you do so many things like modeling, acting, working full-time and managing a website?
KA:I think managing my career is in line with maintaining a schedule for myself. It’s also a lot of discipline and I am not really the type to make excuses because I remind myself of why I am doing something and I just do it. Some other steps that I take are simplifying and prioritizing things. Discipline is the key to making things work.

SG: What would your advice to social media influencers and online business entrepreneurs?
KA: One thing I’ve learned is that people are more responsive when you share what you know. For example, if you are fashion blogger or beauty blogger, your fans like to see you stick to your niche and not change up on them because they will eventually start to respond less to what you’re posting on your social media or what you’re blogging about. Social media is a business channel and your accounts have to show off your work and speak for themselves. If you decide to mix your personal and your business life together, it’s better to keep them separate at all times unless the themes in both are aligned. Lastly, find your unique appeal and that will bring you a following.

SG: In your opinion and throughout your entrepreneurial ventures, what would you say is the key to success?
KA: Everyone has their own idea of success, but I really didn’t really see that I was successful until I started generating money. Even now, I still don’t think I’ve reached the level of success that I want because I am honestly still evolving. The meaning of success changes for everyone and you can never answer that question for anyone else because it’s unique to each person.

SG: Who are three people that you look up to and inspire your work?
KA: Oprah, Coco Rocha and Michelle Obama. I love these women specifically because they all had a humble beginning and went out of their way to become successful.

SG: What is one of your favorite quotes that you live by?
KA: “Close your ears and let your eyes listen.” I think that is extremely important.