Here we are in the 21st Century where everyone has a cell phone, lap top, PC, fancy head phones and huge flat screen TV’s. But still here we are where there are at least 683 million people who lack the access to clean water. That stat alone is earth shattering and most of the people are children. This fact is one of the main reasons founder and CEO of Water Is Life, Ken Surritte decided to do something about it.

The gravity of this fact actually dawned on him while he was taking a shower in Nariobi. He thought to himself, “all the water I am allowing to flow down the drain millions would kill to have it”. At that point he made it his business to find a solution to the dirty water epidemic that many nations face. Ken along with other like-minded individuals like his partner Tom Falkner and his New York connection Billy Langella began mapping out a plan of attack.

The company appropriately named “Water Is Life” acts as a conduit for clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs. There goals are to make key strides from community to community. They have helped many nations already from Africa to the Middle East. Ken and his team have worked in conjunction with non-profit organizations, local governments and community leaders. Their focus is to secure there is a safe water supply for schools, homes, hospitals and all vital areas of any town. This program can stem the spread of disease which is one of the main causes of death. According to the World Health Organization it has curved the death toll by an average of 65%.

Ken has developed a product that is essentially a straw (The Clean Sip straw) that filters out all the bacteria and leaves you with clean water. It is an innovative product that has already proven to be a Godsend for many disadvantaged communities. The company has been at it since 2007 when Ken drilled his first well.  Currently, they are in over forty countries helping to better serve them with cleaner water.  Typically the life expectancy of the product is over 200 gallons depending on how dirty the water is.

The price for the straw is rather inexpensive based on what it can do. It retails for $20 they have recently solidified a contract with a nation in the Middle East for 500,000. At the moment at least 1/3 of the world needs cleaner water an estimated 6,000 people die every day and 5,000 of them are children. They are the most vulnerable to this epidemic.

Ken’s product does not only serve communities but also disaster areas like the recent earthquake in Haiti where the company played its part in providing immediate clean water solution to save lives. This is a huge endeavor and a game changer when it comes to sustaining families and communities in the long run. 

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