Kimatni Rawlings is a father of two young girls and founder of the Fit Fathers Foundation, which is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization.  Fit Fathers enlightens fathers with platforms for eating whole, nutritional foods and incorporating stimulating activity in their daily regimen, while encouraging them to lead their families to healthier lifestyle habits. Dads who exercise consistently, eat well and energize their physique can live longer and live stronger!

MHC-What inspired you to create Fit Fathers?

KR-My first job is as an automotive journalist, I am always traveling and being hosted by various companies throughout the world.  What I realized is that many of my colleagues were not really in the best of shape and wasn’t paying attention to what they were eating. They ate whatever the client gave them. I started to think more about control. How do we control our habits especially our learning habits when you’re already 30-40 years of age. I was 35, over five years ago, I too was stuck in that world of unhealthy eating and wanted to make a change. I had played college football as a running back at Georgia Tech and continued to work out after college but had gained 50 pounds due to my unhealthy lifestyle.  

MHC-What type of events does your organization host?

KR– Fit Father’s organization collaborates with many companies in the US and internationally to promote fitness and wellness. We participate in events such as marathons, cycling races, exercise demonstrations, as well as other sporting and education activities that engage children and families of all ages. 

MHC– Tell me more about your invitation to speak at the Whitehouse.

KR– I was invited to the Whitehouse to speak about men taking control of their health. I discuss ways that men can be more engaged in their lifestyle to help promote preventable health issues.  I spoke about Fit Fathers as well as the importance of engaging family in social workouts as well as improving healthy dietary choices. 

Fit Father’s is also a participant of the President’s Challenged, which is the nation’s leading national physical activity, fitness, and nutrition program. The President’s Challenge helps people of all ages and abilities increase their physical activity and improve their fitness through research-based information, easy-to-use tools, and friendly motivation.

MHC-What are upcoming events that Fit Father’s is hosting?  

June is Men’s Health Month and during this time we have an initiative that promotes men to take a pledge to improve their health. Fit Fathers is currently getting ready to celebrate our 3rd Fit Father’s Day fitness festival.  Father’s Day is a special occasion to recognize dads. Sometimes, children may not have a father in the home so we do work with various organizations to engage everyone.   During this time of celebration our mission is to also become active with, moms, kids and families.  

Our theme for this year will raise awareness of Pediatric Cancer and Heart Disease. The event takes place in the D.C. Metropolitan area.  It is a celebration that provides dads with the tools needed to engage their family in fitness, positive wellness and healthy living, while celebrating the true meaning of fatherhood. Fit Father’s events are sponsored by many organizations and also have guest collaborations from fitness celebrities, NFL players, and other health and wellness volunteers.  

MHC-Tell me more about your upcoming international collaboration.

KR- Fit Fathers will be participating in The Reggae Marathon & Half Marathon in Jamaica.  It is a premier marathon event where marathoners, sports enthusiasts as well as beginners converge in Negril, Jamaica’s capital for a fun race characterized by good vibes and lots of reggae music. Participants can choose between the full marathon, half marathon or the 10K, which takes place on the first Saturday of December every year in Negril. Register

MHC- Where can more information be found about your organizations?

KR- Information can be found on our websites and Social Media platforms.   





MHC- What do you recommend for fathers in other U.S cities who may want to get involved?

KR- For those who aren’t in the D.C. area, it doesn’t stop you from making a Fit Fathers Pledge, a commitment to healthier living based on diet, exercise, lifestyle, and more, and being the example you want your family to follow are steps to improving health as a whole.  Lead by example so your child becomes the example!”