Set amidst Georgia’s jaw dropping coastline is one of the most idyllic resorts in the south called King and Prince Resort. The resort is home to some of the most spacious and inviting accommodations to retire for the evening, lounge leisurely in during the day, and sit and enjoy the lovely sound of waves crashing right outside the door. From its tastefully appointed rooms and spacious villas to its fine dining establishment to its grand meeting spaces, King and Prince has something for everyone.

The pools with their ample beachside chairs and chaises offer a place to rest and rejuvenate the weariest of souls. Everyone from families to singles to gaggles of girls alike enjoy this poolside haven. Young children have their own kiddie pool that gives them a place to let their hearts, bodies, and souls run wild. Mothers are seen slathering copious amount of sunscreen on their tiny tots bodies all around the kiddie area. Delighted squeals are also heard as kids do daring belly flops into the pool. 

The accolades and awards are just some of the reasons why people keep flocking to this little island paradise. It has won Trip Advisor’s Certificate of excellence from 2011 to 2016 which is awarded to properties that get consistently high ratings from vacationers. Elegant Island Living awarded the resort with the Best of 2016 award. Even the elegantly manicured lawns of the King and Prince Resorts Golf Course have consistently won the Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. In addition, the resorts top notch restaurant, Echo, won the 2015 OpenTable’s Diner’s Choice Award. With its scrumptious southern culinary delights such as shrimp and grits, Echo thrills diners with its masterful creations.

St Simon’s Island is a paradise for vacationers since it offers many activities for virtually everyone. The St Simon’s Lighthouse sits perched high above both land and sea and is a landmark for all who are on the island. Those who climb the stairs to the top are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the surrounding tropical paradise of the island. Cap Fendig of Cap Fendig’s Tours offers one of the best private boat tours of the island that is both relaxing and informative.

The fabulously beautiful Christchurch with its stunning stained glass windows and well-manicured gardens is steeped in rich history that is equally fascinating and informative. The Savannah Bee Store founded by the enthusiastic bee keeper, surfer, and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Ted Denard, is a delight for the senses for shoppers. The Georgia Sea Grill is a restaurant that serves the best southern food that will please almost any palate. Their wine flights are a must try as are most of their seafood dishes. 

A trip to King and Prince Resort is like a going to a private hideaway. With its array of activities and amenities including its indulgent spa, stunning oceanfront villas and other accommodations, and beautiful views, there is no wonder why it is consistently ranked as one of the best resort spots in the country. The service is impeccable and second to none, especially with its touch southern hospitality. The King and Prince Resorts is sure to remain a vacationers paradise for many years to come.

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