Laini Cosmetics is a brand that has been heralded by celebrities, socialites, and fashion girls as being a makeup brand that creates magic. Its incredible formulations along with the sheer, rich pops of color cause it to be a favorite among celebrities, makeup artists, and everyday women. Laini Cosmetics was created by style and beauty expert, Laini Bianculli. She created a product that helps women everywhere achieve that incredible lit from within glow.

These cosmetics are noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance and paraben free, and not tested on animals. The colors are vivid and accentuate features while making them stand out. The texture of all the products are silky and have a clean and light feel. In fact, the makeup is so sheer that it makes it seem as if one is not wearing making up at all. The selection of shades and colors is also unbeatable. The most remarkable thing about the makeup is that it makes woman of all different skin shades and colors look luminously radiant.

Laini Bianculli has created a makeup line that is sheer genius. The wide array of colors that the products come in allow women to choose any makeup look to complement their outfit. Its sheer feel and reflective pops of light cause even the dullest skin to glow radiantly. Laini Cosmetics will continue to be a rising star in the cosmetics industry for many years to come.

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