I’m a makeup artist and hair stylist aspiring to launch my modeling career. I started doing runway fashion shows for local charity events when I was 15, which led to photo shoots for local boutiques and my love for making people feel amazing. I’m a huge advocate for mental illness, and having one myself, I understand the difficulty of true self-expression, and feel that our most authentic emotions and ideas are better seen and brought to life with the right image. I moved back to Kansas from LA in 2012 and along with completely reinventing myself-made a profound discovery on a larger scale which in turn helped materialize my true passion and perseverance in my career. Makeup artistry and barbering keep my fire burning for creativity, and with an eye for fashion as a staple- the innovator in me is itching to break the mold and showcase my various skills and talents in the fashion and beauty industry. I am not only fearless, but I am relentless. Knowledge is power-so I am very, very passionate about learning and keeping myself educated in all areas of life. Considering my recent major life changes, I have more wisdom and experience than I’d ever thought I’d obtain by 27, and am confident enough to know the sky is the limit and I’m ready to light my rocket to the moon!




Photo by Gene Chavez

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