‘Legacy Lives On’, documentary advanced screening was held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, located in Newark, New Jersey on June 10th.

The documentary was created in partnership between Prudential Financial and One Solution, the film shows the economic challenges of many black men and women in America and explores the lives of 3 black women, and shows ways into creating strategies which will create legacies of financial wealth for many years to come.  

I had the opportunity to speak to actor Laz Alonso regarding his role and feature in the documentary. Laz is most famous for starring in films such as Avatar, Fast & Furious, Jarhead, Miracle at St. Anna and Detroit, he is also currently starting in Amazon Prime’s series The Boys. 

During our discussion, he stated how strongly he felt about the topics the documentary addressed, specifically, black wealth. He expressed the importance of having the knowledge to make your money grow and stressed that this information should be readily available to people of color.

Below are excerpts from our one-on-one Q&A interview:

EB: First, it is a pleasure meeting you. And, thank you for taking the time to speak to Industry Rules.

LA: Likewise. 

EB: How do you feel that this film will impact it’s viewers? 

LA: I think, right now, we are in a really special time where millennials want to know how to get to the next level. It’s not about going to school and then figuring it out, no. They are thinking already 5 steps ahead. After school, what’s going to happen beside student loans and debt? 

So, a program like this is super important for Prudential to step in and take the lead on because these conversations are already happening. Whether you decide to join them or not, and if you have value to add. 

You know people are watching people like Jay-Z, Rihanna and Chris Brown, buy back all their masters. They are learning about intellectual property. The next generation is on a whole another level. But, it’s not about just making money, once you made it what do you do to keep it and not to end up blowing it like we have seen in the past. So, this is where this documentary comes into play. It inspires you to find what are the next steps to take once you get out of debt. Prudential is taking the lead on this conversation. 

EB: How do you think the government can play a part resolving these issue that impact our youth in low income neighborhoods? 

LA: You know I’m going to be honest with you. I think we need to take the bull by the horns. [We need to ] do it ourselves. We’ve seen a lot of situations where the government will help us out and four years later a different administration comes in and takes us back 50 years. We can’t rely on strictly just the government. 

We have to vote [during election years]. Everybody has to vote! We can’t sit back and let anybody get elected, because [it will ultimately affect all of us]. [Look at the social issues] and what is happening with abortion, human rights and civil rights at the border. On top of that, we still have to know that our future is in our hands and we can’t trust anybody to handle that for us. 

EB: Lastly, what would you like your legacy to be?

LA: My legacy…I want to be able to kick some doors down. I want people to benefit from the fact that I stood [for a cause]. I didn’t just die without [trying to] help the people. You know, I feel like I’m off to a good start, but I have a lot more to do. To kick some doors down and make it so the people who are coming after me will have a better life than the one that I had, and hopefully they’ll also kick down some doors and make it better. Every generations job is to kick down more doors. 

EB: Laz, thanks again for taking the time to speak with Industry Rules.

The documentary ‘Legacy Lives On’ will premiere at the upcoming American Black Film Festival on June 15 and will air on cable television on Wednesday, June 19 on TV One.

Photo Cred: NJ Biz