A Modern Day Superwoman

Lia Dias joins the cast of BRAVO’s “Married to Medicine: Los Angeles” for its second season. The happily married mother of three is the newest member of the hit reality TV show. As the world will witness her TV debut, they will come to know her as a business professional with the launching of two projects, The Girl Cave and Champ City Bar. Lia Dias’ ability to support her doctor husband’s career, launch and sustain her own business ventures, all while raising her beautiful children, makes her a modern day SUPERWOMAN.

AF: What were your emotions when you found out you landed on Bravo’s hit reality show “Married to Medicine”? 

LD: Of course, I was excited! After the excitement wore off … I got nervous! Millions of people watch Bravo and Married to Medicine is such a big opportunity. To be honest, once we started filming it became second nature and I forgot how big of a deal it was.

AF: What should fans of the show anticipate from your presence on the show?

LD: Viewers can expect to see me be introduced to a strong group of women. I had some difficulty (to say the least) navigating so many dynamic personalities. I also think people will see different aspects of my VERY FULL life! From being a mom, supporting my husband’s growing practice, while also maintaining my own businesses.

AF: With the entire world under the COVID19 pandemic, how are you an your family staying safe?

LD: Being married to a physician, a lot of safety measures we were already taking in my home due to the fact that my husband works in so many different hospitals and clinics. We were already germaphobes! Like most families with kids, trips to parks and play dates have been halted. 

AF: What is The Girl Cave? What was the aspiration in creating this brand?

LD: The Girl Cave , LA consist of three retail locations and a e-commerce site. My stores carry hundreds of different hair products, wigs, accessories. It’s literally a woman’s beauty playground! I started The Girl Cave LA after being mistreated in a beauty supply store as a customer. I thought , “Why do I have such negative experiences in stores that were designed to cater to me and women like me”. I took a small savings and started with limited resources and put everything I had into it to grow the business to what it is today.

AF: You also own Champ City Bar & Lounge. With the affects of COVID19 on small businesses, what steps have you taken to keep your company going?

LD: Champ City Bar is unfortunately at a complete halt. It’s unfortunate because I had just opened earlier this year and experienced tremendous growth. What is most difficult was having to lay off so many people. It is by far the most difficult part of this pandemic for me.

AF: How do you balance your business and personal life?

LD: With a husband, three kids, and four businesses personal time sometimes gets lost in the mix. Self care for me is not always as elaborate as a day away at the spa. A lot of times it’s just the small things like putting the kids to bed early and having dessert… ALONE! I try to make sure that at least a couple times of week I make time to have a glass of wine, get in the jacuzzi and just have quiet time.

AF: What’s next for you and brand? 

LD: Honestly, I don’t know what next for me! Right now, I have so many new opportunities and I want to make sure that whatever I do next I am passionate about it. For now, it’s focusing on The Girl Cave LA.

Married to Medicine debuts on May 3rd and we are excited to see Lia’s journey showcased.

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