LIV Watches embodies the gold standard of watches and watchmaking as a Miami-based brand that creates Limited Edition Swiss wristwatches that are handcrafted and with singular attention and passion. The team behind LIV Watches are fanatical about creating innovative designs that standout from the crowd of similarly designed watches that are mass-produced. In fact, in 2014, the LIV brand answered a call for carefully crafted and designed watches by launching successfully on the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. By 2020, after releasing several types of watches, from the GX1 Swiss Chrono to LIV Watches’ first automatic watch, the GX1-A, and the sporty Rebel watch in 2017, LIV Watches experienced enough momentum to move its office to Miami’s famous Wynwood Art District. It’s the perfect home for a team of watch fanatics who are dead-set on not cutting corners.

In contrast to other American companies who market themselves as making Swiss-quality watches, LIV Watches actually does things differently by investing in research and development, designing with vibrant colors and unusual but in-demand textures, all of the functionalities associated with high-end chronographs, and base materials that are durable and beautiful to look at, such as 316L stainless steel, ceramic, titanium, and bronze. Even the production processes are detail-oriented and masterful with the workshops being climate-controlled and all craftspeople having to utilize cleanroom gear, as well as passing through a pressurized airlock that takes off as much dust and other unwanted particles from the watchsmiths. The pace at which LIV Watches continues to offer new products, materials, and designs, is emblematic of their deliberate research and careful quality control processes.

Fundamentally the LIV Watches brand and its products stand for passion and craftsmanship. With eight different offerings that have aesthetics and functionalities that appeal to the sport classic, aviation, and diver crowds, LIV Watches also offers fanatical service, free and fast shipping, ninety-day returns, and a five year warranty. The team behind the watches are comfortable with offering so many reasons to own one—or many, of their watches, because of the sheer quality and design. The LIV Watches team pays attention to details as minute as how their watches will drape on your wrist for maximum comfort and elegance. It’s this elevated level of professionalism that undeniably sets LIV Watches apart from its competitors.

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