Following my dreams and reaching for the stars: that’s me, Logan Devlin.  I am a 21 year old aspiring model/actress living in NYC.  I grew up in a small town north of Pittsburgh, PA.  I was involved in dance classes since I could walk – I always had to be doing what my older sister was doing.  I spent my childhood and teen years playing soccer and dancing.  I ultimately left soccer behind and focused on dance, traveling hours to go to classes.  I even attended cyber school for a few years so I could train more.  I started doing some local modeling, mostly trade shows and Pittsburgh Fashion Week.  I began modeling for a dance catalog, as well, and found that I loved being in front of the camera.  For my sixteenth birthday, my parents took me to NYC, and I fell in love.  I returned the next summer for a dance intensive.  I was hooked!  I knew this was where I needed to be to reach my goals.  Thank goodness I have a very supportive family!  I applied to a dance conservatory, got accepted, and right after I graduated from high school, I made the move.  I spent the next year taking online college classes, dancing at the conservatory, and modeling for different photographers.  I started out doing mostly dance shots and then moved into lifestyle.  As much as I loved dance, I was finding that modeling was becoming a passion.

After suffering a dance injury that took months to recuperate from, I really began to focus on modeling and started building my portfolio.  I joined a modeling network and began getting requests for shoots.  There are so many wonderful photographers in NY – I loved working with them, achieving different looks, learning about lighting and angles, and creating a mood or feeling for the viewer.  I was scouted and signed by two agencies, nonexclusive, for parts and lifestyle work.  I have been so fortunate to work with some brilliant photographers in NY, LA, and PA, some great up-and-coming designers, and some name brand products, as well. I’m excited about the changes that are occurring in the modeling industry and the new acceptance of so many body types.  Getting paid for the work is icing on the cake, not to mention the wonderful people I have met along the journey!

Modeling has now led me into acting and I am training in that field as well.  I have worked on the set of Law and Order: SVU and Redliners, and I recently shot my first commercial!  I plan to keep chasing my dreams and striving for those stars and enjoying every minute of this crazy life and this incredible city!



Photo Credit: Steven Pressler Photography