Marc Nolan is the epitome of stylish and classy shoes. The Chicago-based brand sets the tone and leads the pack in men’s loafers, sneakers, and boots. From professional meetings to outings with family and friends, Marc Nolan shoes provide a modern take on classic styles in a range of materials that include high-quality suedes and leathers. The brand’s commitment to first-class quality is evident in how the shoes look, as well as how they feel, with the products lasting a long time due to excellent craftsmanship.

The brand’s most popular and signature products are diverse, a testament to the widespread appeal of Marc Nolan shoes. Penny and Belgian loafers come in subdued colors like chestnut, perfect for the corporate environment, as well as more flamboyant colors like burgundy, ideal for a day on the boardwalk or strolling through your neighborhood in style. Those in search of more athletic footwear have the option of subtle casual flat-heeled sneakers like the Blue Bomber Navy Woven shoe, or the more overt sports shoe, such as Ash Black Trainers. With most shoes priced at less than $200, it is an affordable option for men who want to look good on a budget.

The origins of Marc Nolan is an inspiring entrepreneurial story as well. The owner of Marc Nolan, Sebastian, is an immigrant from Poland who immigrated to Chicago around twenty years ago. He worked a series of odd jobs, including selling cars and bartending, to make ends meet. Despite his busy schedule, he pursued his love of passion once he met Marc, who eventually became his mentor in shoemaking and all the ins-and-outs of the industry. For the next decade, Sebastian worked on perfecting his craft of designing shoes and marketing them for the ever-competitive fashion industry.

Finally, in 2017, Sebastian founded Marc Nolan to showcase everything he had learned, with the goal of designing premium men’s footwear without the premium price-tag. The success of the brand is testament to hard work and persistence, as well as the importance of having supporters, such as the brand’s namesake, Marc Nolan, by your side. The carefully crafted range of shoes inspires men to be their very best, whether it’s in the meeting room or on the running track.

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