With fashionable footsteps that date back to high fashion modeling for names like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren before a memorable stint on the show Big Brother (CBS), celebrity stylist & television host Marcellas Reynolds knows now more than anyone, it’s best to crawl before you walk.  With 18 million people watching the Season 3 finale, Reynolds muses that, “walking off of the set of Big Brother and literally onto the set of E! Network,” was a fabulous way to launch his career as a TV host and fashion pundit.

Since season 3 (and the All-Stars episode) of the hit reality series, Reynolds has taken to guest appearances on shows such as Good Day LA, Good Morning Britain, Fox News, and Style Star, and Fashion News Now to flambe fashion fails and talk red carpet celebrity style trends.  As a fashion stylist he has worked with Emmy winners Jennifer Finnigan and Jayma Mays, BAFTA winner Rebecca Hall, Oscar nominee Sharon Stone, and music superstar Justin Timberlake.  As a brand influencer he’s worked with H&M, Joyus.com, Macy’s and Midnight Velvet hosting live events online and offline, giving shopping videos an overhaul and doing TV appearances to promote the brands.

Aside from recent editorials for Angeleno Magazine, Lash Magazine, and Elegant Magazine the known style sassmouth admits to having a sweet spot for mass market retailers such as Bon-ton, Kohl’s, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Meijer, and several other brick and mortar and e-com retailers who shoot every day, all year round to keep up with the $225 billion dollar retail and clothing industry (Statista.com).

When he’s not globe-trotting in the name of ready-to-wear or chatting up his 24K Twitter followers, Marcellas is literally crawling.  LA Crawl, an online-offline themed crawl that begins on Twitter with the hashtag #LACrawl and ends in person that was born out of Reynolds’ need to reconnect with friends after being away from his LA home for long stints.  “We asked our Twitter fam for suggestions of fun places to go!  Well, bars, restaurants, and hotels tweeted at us to come to them and other people invited themselves to come along and LA Crawl was born!”  Many of the LA Crawl members have a bond from working with Project Angel Food over the years.  Prior to being Crawlers, several were a part of the “Angel Mafia” who have raised tens and thousands of dollars for PAF (sleeves rolled up in the kitchen and all).

“The response was so immense to our 1st Crawl we decided to streamline the night by giving it a theme, We landed on Tiki Crawl and sought out LA’s most fab tiki bars. We started by the pool at Trader Vic’s in Beverly Hills. I contacted them directly and they reserved an area for us. It was happy hour and 6 of my closest pals met there. We had a lil nosh and, of course, drinks.”  UBER, a sponsor who responded swiftly to the impromptu promotional opportunity with Reynolds [and good friends] en tote.  Twitter pals joined the 5 locations as UBER awaited.

The crawls are where food meets glam with participating restaurants readily anticipating Reynolds and celebrity pals. “We went to Trader Vic’s, then Cabo Cantina on Sunset, who had a table for us and drinks, then Cha Cha Lounge in Silverlake where we took pics in the photo booth which would become the logo for LA Crawl’s Twitter page, then to Tiki-Ti which is this tiny legendary LA bar and the most fun [minus the line which was huge], and then on to Good Luck Bar which reserved a table for us and ushered us right in. We ended our night at Kitchen 24 in Weho exhausted, a lil drunk, and happy. We released our Uber driver who was so fun and rehashed our very fun night over loaded fries and PBRs!”

“From that night on each time we went out it had a theme and LA Crawl was born. Our hashtag is #LACrawl. There are 6 founding members. Each Crawl has grown in numbers and popularity and now we’re thinking there is a business here. Cool, curated nights out, almost tours of our favorite cities that we each know well. I’ve done Crawls in LA, Chicago [hometown] and of course NY. I’ve also done mini-Crawls in San Diego where I spend a lot of time. Since I’m a fashion stylist and I know everywhere to shop in most major cities, I’ve done Shopping Crawls with a few of my clients. It’s been very fun!”

Reynolds observes the women’s responses have been especially favorable. “I think the Crawl-ers want to have a good time. They want to feel special. They want to feel part of a crew. I think women especially want to go out and have a good time while feeling safe. Part of the Crawls is looking out for each other. Making sure that everyone is accounted for, having a great time and gets home safely.”  The mutual benefits between Crawl producers, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and lounges and the Twiends that join the fun is clear to Reynolds.  “For the bars and restaurants that have taken part in the Crawls of course it’s about money but it’s also advertising. An integral part of the Crawls is all of us Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming every part of the experience; the atmosphere, decor, food, drinks and of course the crowd!”

Next up, with a major soft spot for the everyday people who make fashion fabulous, Reynolds is looking to launch multi-city private shopping, nightlife, bachelorette and lifestyle themed crawls for more contagious fun.  When he’s not headed off for style bookings through mega fashion icon Wilhelmina, Reynolds will be partnering with a major hotel in Beverly Hills to launch movie nights and swanky events to delight fashion aficionados and foodies alike.  Aside from the volunteer time spent in actual food kitchens helping cook nutritious meals that are delivered daily to terminally ill patients for Los Angeles Food Bank or PAF, nothing could be “chic-er”, right Marcellas?