Marcus Alland

Marcus Alland is an upcoming hip-hop artist and a native of Queens, New York. His music represents the unique sound of a young artist who is both vulnerable yet quickly maturing. With a natural talent for music production and an inner drive for creativity, Marcus Alland is poised to be the next big sound to emerge from the hip-hop industry! It was only after his family moved to Prince George’s County, Maryland that the young artist began to realize his connection to music, as well as his natural talent. Singing in the local church choir at the age of 14, Alland soon began to feel a spiritual connection to music. Not only did he love the way it made him feel, but it also ignited a fire inside of him to begin creating his own music. It was around this same age that Marcus Alland began experimenting with beat production, through the help of his older brother.

By the age of 16, Marcus Alland was writing rap lyrics to accompany these beats. He would perform them around peers from school and eventually at open mic nights in and around Washington, D.C. These experiences were crucial in allowing him to gain enough positive feedback and confidence to dive full-on into his musical career.

Now focused entirely on his growth as an artist, Marcus Alland has continued to mature. The hardest step in his personal growth has been to realize that success cannot be rushed and does not just come, it must be earned one day at a time. As a result, Marcus has focused his energy on writing hit singles like “Come Alive” and “Forza”. Often, Marcus refers to this struggle of growth and maturity in his own lyrics, using his vulnerability as a way to positively differentiate himself from others. The result is songs that feel complete, passionate, and unique. Just one listen to him will have you swept up in the powerful lessons Marcus Alland is able to convey!

With a long path ahead of him, Marcus Alland is ready for the challenge. He is currently working on producing his debut album, a project he feels will represent a significant milestone in his career. In addition to creating hit music, Marcus Alland is also looking to express his artistic abilities through other mediums. He is interested in breaking into the fashion industry, as well as eventually acting in the TV and film industry. No matter where his career goes next, Marcus Alland is sure to be the next big name we hear!

Photo by J. Perk Productions

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