Q: How did you get involved with personal training?

MB: I began personal training in Rockville, MD.  I moved there in 2008 and could not land a job in the field of my degree, Management Information Systems.  My lady at the time suggested I apply at Bally Total Fitness and the rest is history.  

Q: What’s best and worst experience you had while bodybuilding?

MB: The best experience while bodybuilding was winning my first show.  I don’t believe there’s a worst experience, I do believe that their are learning experiences.  I came in 8th at a pittsburgh qualifier.  I didn’t take my prep seriously enough.  I should’ve went the extra mile with my training and coaching.  I won’t do another show with a good support system.  If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together!

Q: What’s a great diet to maintain lean muscle and improve fitness?

MB: The best way that I’ve found to maintain lean mass has been through maintaining a healthy balance within the macros of protein, carbs and fats.  Surmise to say do my best to consume at least 25 grams(g) of protein per meal along with 300g of carbs and 75g of fat on average. That would typically look like Oatmeal with fruits, plant based milk; smoothie with spinach, spurulina protein, banana, blueberries, hemp protein; a few snacks like alomnds, peanut butter and banana sandwich, fruit before working out.  I have a post workout shake, meal with salmon and veggies, I usually have the same thing for dinner or make a vegetable based meal. I drink plenty of water everyday to stay hydrated and keep my nervous system functioning at optimum level.  

Q: What is Boomer Basics?

Boomer Basics is a fitness class I created for the Baby Boomer generation.  It’s my way of paying homage to them.  Most of the people in the class tend to be women because as you know they outlive us due to. 

Q:  What’s your next project?

MB: I have several next projects.  I’m a co-founder of a membership based mens group called the Mastermind Connect.  We do several events a month so a lot of work goes into that, 2018 will be an aggressive year for us.  I also have a real estate investment group with by brother and best friend so we are exploring some commercial options at the moment.  I am also opening a exercise facility with my other best friend/business partner and finishing my book “Chronicles of a Motherless Child” in the midst of it all.  And the project that I am always working on is myself.  I meditate daily, pray, journal, read, workout, eat healthy diet and repeat