What’s the rarest thing in the whole of the automotive industry? A disappointed Mazda Miata driver! They simply don’t exist. The Miata has been an outright staple of performance motoring for the better part of three decades, so much so that its consistent placement among the best value-for-money buys in the industry has become something of a running joke among petrolheads. You can add our seal of approval on that sentiment, too — if you find yourself in a world where the Miata isn’t turning heads and topping the charts, you’re probably dreaming.

The Miata is more or less the world’s definitive lightweight roadster. Since its debut in 1989, Mazda have put over a million of them on the road, making the Miata the best-selling two-seater sports car of all time, and the competition isn’t particularly close.

The company knows better than to fix what isn’t broken, thankfully — the new Miata retains virtually all of the world-beating performance figures that have made it the king of plucky, “tight” motoring for so many years running. Most of the upgrades and offerings in 2021 are quality of life improvements and some touches of modernization.

Most notably, that’d be some smartphone mirroring capability enhancements, wireless Apple CarPlay, and more stylish interior and exterior color palettes. The customization options drivers opt for these days, particularly in the design and color departments are getting more flamboyant and bold, and Mazda are keeping with the times rather well in this regard.

The cabin and trunk are a bit tight as is expected, which is another long-standing staple of the car. An unknown yet observant and inventive Miata driver apparently coined the phrase, “You don’t drive a Miata, you wear it,” and the quote has become something of a selling point for the brand. You won’t be buying a Miata to ferry around luggage or do any off-roading, so the performance-focus is as welcome as it’s ever been.

The 2021 Miata is rich in standard features, has a plucky and energetic engine, and perhaps most impressive of all, an eye on modern emissions goals. The car boasts a 36/34mpg rating, giving buyers yet another reason to favor the Miata over the competition.

Packing the ever-potent punch the Miata has always enjoyed into an increasingly fuel-efficient package is perhaps Mazda’s most impressive trick of the new decade.

Video courtesy of rideXdirve

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