We all remember Where My Girls At, from one of our favorite groups 702!  Now one of the band members, is about to return with some more new music of her own. MEELAH, has graced our television screens and now we are anticipating her gracing our ear drums very soon. She wants fans to see the transition she has made in her life and to show us, this is only the beginning. Industry Rules Magazine was able to catch up with MEELAH and get all the tea on what’s new in her life.

 DL: Who inspires you musically?

M: Musically I’m inspired by several different sounds. I’ve always loved the legends such as Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, and Chaka Khan. And I’ve always loved jazz so I’m inspired by artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Billie Holiday, and of course Nina Simone. I could go on and on I listen to a little bit of everything.

DL: What did you learn most about yourself being a part of the girl group 702?

M: Being a part of 702 taught me that I was a strong team player who understood the importance of sisterhood.

DL: When can we expect some new music? And what’s the type of sound your fans can expect from your new music?

M: I’m currently in studio working on new music. I’m recording my first solo album which I’m excited about! Fans can expect classic Meelah, but evolved. Sonically I want to challenge myself, yet give the people what they remember & love about my voice. But I want to deliver a plethora of sounds to introduce the listeners to who I’ve become musically, being that I listen to all types of music.


DL: Your an Autism Advocate, how has your non profit P.R.O.U.D. impacted families?

M: P.R.O.U.D is still fairly new to the non profit world so we’re learning and growing daily. This far we’ve held two benefit concerts and raised funds for our next awareness event. I think with my platform I’ve been able to use my voice to raise awareness and give other special needs parents and families courage to speak out or simply give or request support. I’m approached all the time via social media or in real life by people thanking me for using my platform and speaking on their behalf to raise awareness being that we don’t speak on it much in our community.

DL: What is some advice you would give to families who have a family member who struggles with Autism? 

M: All I could advise is to try to remain persistent with educating yourself and getting as much help/therapy as you can. But ultimately just continue to love them unconditionally and remember their our special babies for a reason.

DL: What are some of the pros and cons being a part of reality television? 

M: A pro of being on reality television is being able to introduce and/or reintroduce myself to those who have supported me since 702 and also to an entirely new audience. It’s great exposure. The con is opening up your personal life to the public and having to deal with judgment and opinions.

DL: If you could name this chapter of your life, what would it be called and why? 

M: Transition … because I’m evolving and transitioning into the Meelah I want my supporters to know.

DL: What are some of your upcoming projects we can look forward to?

M: U can look forward to my upcoming debut album in 2018 and definitely on your television screen again. I can’t speak on the project(s) yet, but I will be doing some type of television again soon.

DL: How can people stay in touch with you?

M: Follow me on all social media @itsmeelah and my website itsmeelah.com.

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