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Mercedes-Benz GLC

While a number of modern Mercedes-Benz have enjoyed the opportunity to show their teeth over the past two decades, Mercedes-Benz still have their finger on the pulse when it comes to luxurious, soft, and leisurely roving – and in enjoying the many comforts of the new GLC, what a relaxed pulse it will be.

AMG Mercedes-Benz still reign supreme where power, driver engagement, and class intersect. The standard GLC represents a tamer, more subtle approach to tackling the tarmac. Driver comfort and a quiet, smooth, and very comfortable ride are the goals here, and Mercedes have used the space and weight they’ve freed up under the hood with the GLC to focus on delivering on those goals.

It’s not as if the GLC doesn’t have any roar of its own; quite the contrary. The car boasts a modest yet eager 255-horsepower four-cylinder engine that is turbocharged and paired with a clever, responsive nine-speed powertrain. The car is naturally a rear-wheel drive machine, but all-wheel drive is available. In fact, the all-wheel drive version has posted arguably the most impressive stats of any of the GLC’s configurations, doing 0-60mph in just under five and a half seconds.

Most of the real substance in the new GLC comes from its interior, which the carmaker undoubtedly spent a lot of time on. Mercedes-Benz are known for their build quality, but even by their own meticulous standards, there is a certain “labored-over” feel to the car’s interior. It boasts a rather attractive assortment of materials whose quality is immediately apparent to the touch, as well as a suite of as-standard amenities typically only found on upgraded models.

To name a few, there’s dual-zone climate control, heated cushions in the seats (which can be upgraded to all-leather), ventilated front seats, and a keen heads-up display that is non-intrusive, yet accessible. One thing infrequently mentioned, though important to many drivers of the brand, is the car’s ability to muffle and mute noise originating from outside the cabin. Perhaps one of the best-reviewed features of the GLC is its ability to keep the drive quiet and calm, free of excess wind and other ambient noise.

All told, the new Mercedes-Benz GLC is a sprite, willful Mercedes-Benz that wants to mind its own business in its own lane, totally free of care. Many of the design features and the engineering language of the car clearly show that the company wants the driver to feel the same behind the wheel.

Video courtesy of Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale

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