Hailing from Bayside, Queens by way of Fort Lee, NJ, MJ Songstress aka Melissa Jimenezis a self proclaimed “Jersey Yorker” with an extensive background in music. She has beeninvolved in the making and recording of music since a very young age. As a baby, she would attend recording sessions and rehearsals with her father, singer/songwriter Horacio Jimenez.She eventually took over for her mother as the lead vocalist in her father’s 10 piece orchestra atthe age of 14. Her list of talents grew in no time with additions of playing guitar and piano and dancing in many different styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary, mambo, tap, and hip-hop.If you’re lucky, you might catch her attending a class at the reknowned Broadway Dance Centerin NYC. Jimenez made it all the way to the final rounds of The Voice as well as adding songwriting and recording credits with musicians such as Wyclef Jean and Swizz Beatz to her long list of accolades.

As a contestant on The Voice, Melissa Jimenez impressed during her first performance on the show, leading to all four judges turning their chairs around after hearing her awe- inspiring voice. If you missed this episode, Usher in particular was a huge fan of her voice, especially her ability to show control in her powerful notes. Melissa’s studio covers of “Halo”, “If I Ain’t Got You” and “Girl on Fire” recorded for The Voice can be found on YouTube and have racked up hundreds of thousands of views since 2014. Her renditions of these hit records are effortless and passionate. They easily hold their own when compared to the originals. Her talent as a singer is undeniable, but since her big debut on The Voice, she made it clear that she sees herself as much more than a performer covering other people’s songs. Melissa certainlydid not slow down from there as she went on to compete on TELEVISA’s La Voz Mexico (The Voice Mexico) as a finalist on Team Alejandro Sanz in 2016.

Ms. Jimenez has recently undergone a transformation and now goes by the name MJ Songstress, a force to be reckoned with who writes and records her own original music. Her music has a very personal feel to it and she makes herself vulnerable as she opens herself up to the world. As a former model and actress, she has plenty of experience playing the role of the beautiful face, but as a bold, independent songwriter, her complexities as a human being are brought to the forefront with latest project.

MJ’s latest project is a 7-song EP titled “See Me” released through PlaybookEntertainment. The track opens with a sensual intro where she whispers, “Vulnerable, Trusting, Authentic, Woman,” before stating “I am MJ Songstress. Do you see me?” From the verybeginning, Songstress makes it clear that she is not a perfect pop princess. She is a woman full of strength and flaws. When she asks, “Do you see me?” you can feel that she demands to beheard and understood beyond aesthetic characteristics.

“See Me” is takes you on a melodic journey that explores the feelings of falling in lovewith someone new after closing the doors on a past romance. MJ’s engagement with talentedguitarist Chris Perez, who happens to be linked to the late Selena Quintanilla, seems to contribute to the passion heard in this EP. The two have been linked together romantically and professionally for some time now. Throughout the album, she is often admiring her lover and

appreciating him for all of the light he has brought her. She is also clearly influenced by Selena as a fellow Mexican-American singer and has performed tributes in her honor.

Although MJ’s original ballads will certainly set the mood for a special night in, “See Me” isn’t all love songs. Halfway through this collection of tracks, MJ treats us to “Better”, anupbeat, triumphant song dripping in lush synths, layers of vocal harmonies, and plenty of reverb. This song displays her versatility as she drops the sexy, soft ballads of her first few songsin favor of a polished club banger. She builds on the club vibe with “Touch,” a track brimming with 808 kick drums that lend a dance vibe and maintain a grown and sexy intensity without feeling tired or generic.

The themes of the project are relatable to her listeners as her views on love seem to be that of someone who has the wisdom born from experiences of heartbreak and disappointment. She explains how these ordeals have led to tremendous with her novel songwriting and classic vocals. MJ Songstress is a badass woman with plenty to say who is readyto become your new favorite artist As she proclaims towards the end of the EP, “In the midst ofevery heartbreak, comes a lesson from your mistakes… I’m human, only human.”

“See Me” is available on all streaming and purchasing platforms.
Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @mjsongstress, on Facebook under MJ Songstress Music eep up to date with her latest projects on mjsongstress.com

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