Whether or not time is indeed circular, or it keeps on slipping into the future, you don’t have to be a Swiss horologist to adore the parts, pieces, and functions of Mondaine’s new blackout Giant watch. As a legacy brand founded by Erwin Berhneim in 1951, Mondaine has become known for sophisticated and modern design that is simplistic in style and genuine. 

In a statement released by Mondaine watch, “The new blackout Giant has applique hour markers and hands with an embossed minute track, with the only flash of color coming from the famous red sweeping second hand.  An alternative version to the total blackout has white applique hour markers and hands, with the red second hand exposed on a sophisticated black face.  The final Giant model uses the black IP-plated steel casting to frame the original Swiss Railway face in white for a prominent monochrome look.”

It’s a good thing timeless style usually sells itself and engages value-driven consumers that are long-time, loyal fans of the brand pampered over time by value and consistency.  According to Watch Insider, no matter how striking the actual product, the watch market has experienced a downtick after an ongoing upward trend last year, and speculates an increase of caution and vigilance.  Perhaps not so much a challenge to masters of the trade but rather a test of time, Mondaine’s reliable Swiss design can likely outlive any market downturn.

Form, function, invention, and a killer Instagram following are befit a brand that has reached its 70-year style mark.  Swiss Made, for most, is a clear indicator of quality but the new Giant Black & White product information doesn’t disappoint: Swiss Quartz Movement, 42mm stainless steel casing, genuine leather strats minus the lugs, and water resistant. 

Set your clock if you want the SBB Giant Black & White with a black dial and white tics; it will be available through the MoMA store later this month in North America complete with black leather straps and mineral glass to complete the drama of the collection. For enthusiasts and collectors that prefer to eat apples rather than wear them on their wrists, the smart trend seems to be go Swiss, or go home.  Benjamin Franklin said it best, time is money.