With politics whipping up an all-time hate frenzy many, if not most, are still nursing a mean election hangover.  Beyond the complaints, social giving, and mindful recognition of families and communities in crisis, where does this holiday season leave us?  Where do we begin to pick up the personal pieces and restore?  How many times has this thought crossed our mind: if only there were a nomadic wellness event where I can spend the day soulfully reconnecting with what matters the most.  That actually exists.

Monica Aparicio, founder of the Lifestyle Lounge explains the transformational serendipity that started it all, “The Lifestyle Lounge was a happy accidental discovery that came about because I needed to fulfill a requirement for a course I was taking over 3 years ago: Landmark’s SELP [Self Expression and Leadership Program].”

The Lifestyle Lounge is a signature wellness party focused on healthy living, holistic and integrative wellness, mindfulness, and work-life balance event that happens quarterly.  It was created to bridge one-on-one exchanges in a warm and relaxed environment between top wellness experts and wellness devotees and enthusiasts interested in amping up personal care.  This is not a skin-deep approach to being well and good.  Participating experts offer practical, hands-on techniques to improve health, mental mindsets, clear blocks to personal and career growth and improve our approach to personal relationships.  The perks?  Chair massages, spinal alignments, hand reflexology, and headache relief.

“My vision was to provide a space that felt like a bridge between the usual happy hour people frequent after work and a relaxed environment where wellness and having a healthier lifestyle would be the focus. I also wanted to provide a space that felt comfortable and not intimidating where attendees could personally connect 1 on 1 with various experts.”

“I think wellness is desperately needed. The world needs to be well in every sense of the word from our health to the environment to the way governments operate to the way money circulates to the general awareness that in many places is lacking. I believe that wellness begins with individual leadership and personal responsibility and by looking at how you take care of yourself, how you live your life and how you run your business (if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner). That is the starting point for individual well-being and collective well-being as the awareness expands into community and a shared experience of collaborative effort.”

“More than anything,” Aparicio continues, “I want people to gain a sense of community and support from attending any Lifestyle Lounge event. As for participating small business that sponsor the event I want them to gain brand visibility and of course new clients.”

Aparicio has also shaped Sustainable Success which Aparicio describes as “a day-long business conference for entrepreneurs.”  The series kicked off this fall in NYC at Primary, where wellness meets a thriving work-space community, and anticipates 3 successions in 2017, pun intended.  Aparicio viewed Primary early on and observed by common values that the Lifestyle Lounge “and Primary both value the importance of making wellness a priority.  I also fell in love with the aesthetic of the space.”  It was plain to see Primary’s members could be the perfect fit for Sustainable Success.

“Creating sustainable success,” according to Aparicio, “is not just about strategies, numbers, or hitting the pavement running.  If you’re in it for the long haul…if you’re committed to having longevity in your business…if you know that one day you want to move from being an entrepreneur to being a CEO,” the event could well be a crucial next step.  This tribe of career conscious professionals is compelled by running business with not only brains, but heart and soul.  Guests were inspired by motivational keynote speakers, guest panel discussions, and pampered with access to a marketplace of select vendors offering business and lifestyle resources, mini wellness sessions, yoga during lunch and an incredible sound healing concert experience. 

Aparicio and her band of wellness pros are not nearly finished.  “In 2017 The Lifestyle Lounge will take an active role in providing education and increasing awareness about global and local issues, as well as continuing to grow community and supporting individuals step into leadership roles. It’s an exciting time to be alive and to come together to create positive change in our world!”  Tired teachers may well be in for the biggest treat of all in 2017, Aparicio explains, “…exciting collaborative events, such as an alternative Saturday evening monthly beginning in January called Savor and The Lifestyle Lounge in schools to support teachers, school staff and school communities.”

Buyer beware, though.  All this talk of wellness may bring out the Vulcan in you.  Live long and prosper.  Spock, you had us at hello.

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