Oh 2020, how my skin detests thee! This year has brought in loads of stressful surprises that, let’s face it, (or should I say mask it?) have wreaked havoc on our skin! These masks, as essential as they are, have also been an absolute nuisance for our skin. I just know my fellow skin enthusiasts all over the world are trying to find ways to upgrade their skincare routine and give their face the ultimate respite from a suffocating day. Well let me upgrade you, my friends, and put you on to the Monrovian Beauty hydrating cleanser. The hydrating, micro-foaming cleanser feels just as luxurious as it sounds. The gentle formula thoroughly cleanses, while leaving the skin silky soft. The cleanser itself reminds me of silk white sheets and feels so soothing after being in a mask all day. The formula includes cucumber and calendula extract and hyaluronic acid which helps to rebalance and calm the skin. It treats my skin so delicately, and yet leaves me feeling like the wear and tear from the day has completely dissolved. Suitable for all skin types and at a price point of $28, I think it’s definitely worth a try.

The eco-friendly, black female-owned, beauty collection uses natural ingredients handed down from generations to provide quality products. The creator was inspired by the freed slaves’ journey back to Africa in search for beauty and new life, and has curated a line that embodies that beauty. This year has got us all in search of some type of peace. Sometimes that little slice of peace comes in a 4 ounce bottle of sulfate-free velvety cleanser. Oh 2020, wherefore art thou so trifling? Thank goodness for brands like Monrovian Beauty to get us and our beautiful skin through. 

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