I think we all can relate that summer heat and hair just doesn’t seem to mix. Our hair just seems to frizz up, leaving us to throw it up in a bun and I’m not talking about the cute top knot either. So, we have asked beauty expert and owner of Lasio Professional Hair Care Nadine Ramos-Mendez, for her advice to our summertime woes, and ladies there is a solution! 

Nadine has her own product line that will solve our problems for all hair types. Sounds good, right?  Check out our interview with Nadine below:

What makes your products stand out from the rest?

Our products are created with quality ingredients that promote healthy hair, total hair repair and are simple to use.

What do you find to be your most asked question from your customers?

What is the difference between my Keratin Treatments vs the competitors.  My answer is, it’s a simple and safe water base application that really works on eliminating Frizz, and repairing ALL hair types. 

With summer around the corner, what are some things we can do to keep our hair moisturized and have limited heat damage.

I always recommend a heat protector to be used  as a leave in conditioner.  This will protect your hair cuticle (1st layer of hair shaft) from the harsh UV Rays.

In the summer, people tend to travel more. What are few of your favorite summer hairstyles that are easy for an on the go traveler to do?

My ultimate fave is a wet look braid – parting your hair in the middle, slicking it back tightly into a ponytail and braiding the ponytail very loosely.

What’s next for your product line? And  What inspires you when creating your products?

We are launching our NEW Trico pH System – The TRICO pH HAIR SYSTEM takes a scientific approach to total hair repair.  It is an all-in-one system designed to provide stability that restores the hair and scalp, leaving you with: overall body, growth, and confidence!

Do you have any other ventures coming up?

I am planning the opening of our 2nd Keratin Lounge (hair salon) in Stroudsburg, PA in June 2016.

How can people follow you on social media? And how can people find your products?

They could follow me on Facebook: Nadine Ramos-Mendez and Instagram: @lasioprofessional. They can purchase products through the Lasio Professional Hair Care website at http://www.lasioinc.com/.