Natasha Kojic

Natasha Kojic is an extraordinary talent. Not only is she a BMI and SAG-AFTRA recording artist/composer, the beautiful Serbian entered the international music scene in 2004 with her hit debut single, “Oko plavo” (Blue eyes) that went No. 1 on the Yugoslavia hot 100 pop radio charts. Since then, she’s release numerous albums and has appeared frequently on many European television networks such as MTV, RTS, Bravo and the rest of major networks in Europe and have performed all over the world. 

We had an in-depth discussion with the Berklee Alumni about her career and current projects. 

AF: How have you been under the world’s COVID-19 pandemic? 

NK: Thank you for asking. Well, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was very sad to have lost my grandpa Rajko, who was a hero of my childhood. Everything else, I guess, whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, right? One thing I learned during these times is that as hard as it gets, don’t wait for better times, always be in motion, even if it is cleaning the house…to keep your mind busy and have some sort of a light schedule even when everything seems like its stopping forever. I also discovered how much I really love so many non-essential businesses that is so very essential for my soul. A big, giant shoutout to all of them! 

AF: How did you get into the music industry? 

NK: I was born in a music family (my dad) so yes, there is that genetic code, but also, I never had anything else I wanted besides music, films…It started ever since I annoyed my mom with the fingerprints all over the furniture playing my imaginary piano, and “bothering” my neighbors that had a piano, until I finally got my little piano. That was it. Ha, another funny thing is that ever since a Terminator2 movie, as a typical child, I wanted to go to USA, and it draw me into studying English at the very young age. 

AF: Other than playing the piano, can you list some highlights of your career? 

NK: Yes. Aside of festivals and all the fancy stuff, I always remember when I was touring on my dad’s concert to sing before he gets on stage, and he would announce me as Miss Kojic and pinch my cheeks and now it makes me laugh but at a time, I was so pissed Haha, because I didn’t want anyone to know that I am his daughter. Another, “regular” highlights are every each of the songwriting awards of course, as well as my first music licensing in the USA which started with the documentary for Michelle Obama and working on set with Nicole Kidman, my dearest and most important, film composer and mentor Christopher Young and the great work on “the Empty Man” movie that is recently released, this year, by 20Th Century FOX. To be honest, the projects I am working on right now, music related, probably will be an upcoming great highlight. 

AF: What are some of things you’ve learned while being an artist? 

NK: One thing I learned is that it’s not just music, it’s also a music Business. Very soon, I will have one interesting video on my IGTV and YouTube with an amazing Nadya Rousseau (a founder of Alter Media Marketing) that will be full of advices to the fellow artists and entrepreneurs. 

AF: Who has been your hardest critic? What did you learn from that person?

NK: My hardest critic is of course, always and foremost my mother, Olga Kojic. I am proud of myself cz not that. 

Many artists would be able to “survive” her critics Ha! Also, I am a big critic to myself as well, and it’s not easy you know, not at all, lol. 

AF: What advice would you give another female who’s looking to become an artist or involved into the music industry? 

NK: First advice: As mY grandpa used to say, “Everything we desire is already around us, we just have to find it, in our own way, and own time.” 

AF: What’s next for you career and how can people find you for business opportunities? 

NK: Next and current is the music work on one great film that is to be out in 2022, as well as the song with my favorite artist Lana Del Rey. All business opportunities are usually handled by my agent or via my website if it is for multimedia content. 

AF: Are you still acting in a TV show “General Hospital” on ABC?

NK: Yes!

AF: Would you tell us what will happen in the next episode?

NK: Nope! You will see!

You can continue to follow her career via her social media handle @NatashaKeyMusic. You can also get a latest music via Apple: Natasha Kojic.

Photo by @ShotByDister.

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