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Negative Affect on Women in the Music Industry

Misogyny represents the hate and disrespect of women in society. When it comes to the music industry, this energy has been vastly welcomed. It’s common to watch a video or hear a song that readily degrade women, specifically, black women. It’s now normalize and part of the music culture.

Misogyny towards black women has been promoted via media since the 70’s. Today’s recording artist, use misogyny to elevate themselves, because stirring up controversy sells records. We are living in a culture of men, disrespecting their women for fortune and fame. This disdain for women in music, would eventually allow the Jezebel Caricature to be re-elected into the our society. 

Rap music started on the east coast, but you can make the case that disrespect of black women started on the west. Ice -T is was known for being more a character than a lyricist, took on the moniker of infamous pimp Iceberg Slim. After him, other artist took centerstage at degrading women in their songs and music. Artist such as Too Short and groups like NWA frequently used lyrics that categorized women in negative and condescending way.

There were some female artist that spoke out on misogyny against black women. Recording artist like MC Lady, Lady Pink and Roxanne Shante were the first to stand up against this behavior. MC Lyte would go on to be the first female to complete a commercial album. 

What’s the timeline of the disrespect in the music industry? West-coast rap disrespected women around 1988. From there, it seems like the floodgate wouldn’t stop.  Once Death Row records was established, this created an atmosphere of hate and disrespect each other. One the best sling albums on its roster was the 1993 album “The Chronic”. It had a song called “B— ain’t sh—”. A song designed to disrespect women in general. Artist like Snoop Dog made a career out of disrespecting women. In the west, misogyny was celebrated as success.

During this time, you had female rappers like Queen Latifah, making songs like “U.N.I.T.Y” calling out men for calling women b——, because it was becoming a new trend in the culture.. 

Now, female rappers embrace hegemonic masculinity. Women found a way to earn power while being disrespected and being disrespectful. Lil Kim has mastered this from songs with her explicit lyrics. In an attempt become the abuser, and not let abusing words to degrade one. Today, female artists degrade themselves even further. Meg Thee Stallion, Cardi B have gained power by disrespecting their feminine energy before a man does, to appear more powerful. 

To sum it up, this is how we got here, men and the music industry are seeing profits sky rockets when it comes to disrespecting women. At some point, this has to stop. These are our daughters and future mothers.

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