As a response to North Korea’s recent test of ballistic missiles, more sanctions has been enforced. The new sanctions aims at halting North Korea from making money globally. These sanctions include coal, iron, seafood and stopping any revenue that the country can make with foreign companies. North Korea response to the recent sanctions seems to only add more fuel to the fire.

“(The) possession of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles is a legitimate option for self-defence in the face of a clear and real nuclear threat posed by the US,” said North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho while speaking at the ASEAN Regional Forum on Monday. “We will, under no circumstances, put the nukes and ballistic rockets on the negotiating table,” he continued.
KCNA which is a North Korean news agency also chime in about the new sanctions with added threats against the United States.
“(North Korea) will make the US pay dearly for all the heinous crimes it commits against the state and people of this country,” KCNA said.
Photo Credit: Reuters (Damir Sagolj)