According to the National Women’s Business Council, as of 2012 there were 9.8 million women-owned businesses generating $1.4 trillion in receipts in the United States, a 26% increase from 2007.  In 2012, of these firms, 89.5% have no employees other than the owner.  These firms have receipts of $229.2 billion.  As stated on the National Association of Women Business Owners’ website, 2.9 million firms are majority-owned by women of color in the United States.  These firms employ 1.4 million people and generate $226.00 billion in revenue annually.

The rise of women entrepreneurs indicates women professionals are raising the workplace standards by streamlining career success because, hey, if you can’t beat ‘em in leveling the playing field, reestablish yourself as your own boss whether you work for yourself or are employed by someone else.  New Jersey native, Nicole Doss, founder of The Prestige Society and author of Rock Your Life: Life the Life You Fabulously Crave and Wonderfully Deserve, has and she’s here to slay.  In 2013, Nicole Doss founded The Prestige Society as a membership-based organization that supports women build business acumen and develop a loyal professional network.  The Prestige Society has now grown from a once small group of aspiring friends to a multi-state movement.

Doss, coined as fearlessly ambitious, is also here to empower women entrepreneurs, “to build and sustain their desired empires.”  With the belief that career women wear the hat of CEO, CFO, HR, and a myriad of executive roles during the developmental stages of operating their own business but don’t necessarily get the experience required in their place of work.  Doss’ Masters in Instructional Design and Technology is well applied as she uses it to “build both live and web-based workshops that assist women in learning topics that will increase their business acumen and help them view their business from the appropriate lens to enable them to be financially viable and operationally sound.”

Doss’ mantra echoes passion to help more than it does astonishing data about the trend in women entrepreneurs, “My passion is to enable women to unveil and tap into the talents and skill sets that they have to discover their greatness. When we build business alliances, we can make our capabilities even stronger.”  In between dreaming and doing, Doss recognizes the importance of change management and coaching with a focus on brand building for women so they can successfully execute and sustain their vision.  

Doss will keep up the supportive momentum by taking The Prestige Society on the road for local and stateside events and speaking engagements to promote her “Rock Your Life” and “Divapreneur Bootcamp” online programs.

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