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Official Black Wall Street App

The Official Black Wall Street app is now available on the App Store, making the largest platform for Black businesses, optimized for your iPhone. It’s the best, most far-reaching way to connect consumers with Black-owned businesses across different industries, ranging from pharmacies to restaurants. With a wide range of industries, you’re able to make an informed decision as a consumer regardless of whether you want to pick-up a prescription or eat out.

In contrast to comparable platforms, the Official Black Wall Street app has the strength of scale with 1.16 million users on the app. The app has attracted a large following precisely because of its intuitive interface and convenience, ranging from finding and writing reviews of businesses to bookmarking favorites or those on the “bucket list,” as well as getting alerts of Black-owned businesses near you. It doesn’t stop at brick-and-mortar businesses, though. Search for online Black-owned businesses, too. In addition, all listings’ photos are polished, detailed, and feature high-quality photos, so you know exactly what you’re signing up for. Two-way messaging allows consumers and Black businesses to communicate clearly and openly for as much transparency as possible.

While users benefit, the Official Black Wall Street app makes sure black-owned entrepreneurs benefit as well. By being on the app, black-owned businesses get the exposure they need by offering deals and discounts that are only available through the app. When they sign up, the businesses also get free legal help that is often sorely needed with minority-owned businesses that may not have access to venture capital or generations of familial wealth to draw upon.

In fact, when consumers and business owners join the Official Black Wall Street app, they’re supporting a Black business woman. Mandy Bowman, the CEO of Official Black Wall Street app, launched the platform in 2015 and the app in 2017. She has been focused on empowering the Black community through encouraging entrepreneurship after she studied it—and Global Business Management at Babson College, herself. As a businesswoman and Black leader, she’s been leading the charge of the #BuyBlack movement. The Official Black Wall Street app is the embodiment of the “be the change you want to see in the world” adage that more people are embracing— for the better of humankind.

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