No longer will settling for watery and flavorless instant hot chocolate be an option after you have tried a packet of Gourmet Hot Chocolate by Organo Gold. Gone are the days of mixing two packets into one cup to reach that satisfying chocolate flavor. In fact, Organo Gold Hot Chocolate is so delicious and rich, the company provides a guide for adding more or less water to help you decide on depth of flavor.

The full flavor of Organo Gold Gourmet Hot Cocoa comes from more than simple cocoa powder. What sets this brand apart from others is the addition of Ganoderma lucidum which is better known as the red Reishi mushroom. If mushrooms aren’t your thing, have no fear- the Ganoderma lucidum is in perfect balance with the cocoa and introduces a depth of flavor unknown to other hot chocolate brands. Besides amazing taste, Organo Gold Hot Chocolate also delivers an immunity boost with every cup thanks to the Ganoderma lucidum.

Whether you prefer your chocolate beverages hot or cold, give Organo Gold Gourmet Hot Chocolate a try with one of the recipes below!

Keeping it Warm & Simple
Add 6 oz. of hot water to 1 packet for a rich and flavorful taste Add 8 oz. of hot water to 1 packet for a smooth and creamy taste Add 10 oz. of hot water to 1 packet for a light and flavorful taste

Add a cup of ice to a blender
Pour in 8 oz. of milk of your choice
Add 1 packet Organo Gold Gourmet Hot Chocolate Blend to desired thickness
Pour into cup with chocolate syrup drizzle

Cocoa Cubes
Mix 1 packet of Organo Gold Gourmet Hot Chocolate with 10 oz. water until powder dissolves Freeze in an ice try overnight
Add cocoa ice cubes to hot or iced coffee