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Oris Artix GT Chronograph

Oris Artix GT Chronograph

The Swiss watch manufacturer Oris has been making watches since 1904. They’ve got model after model in their inventory that flies off the shelves. But there’s one watch fans are getting excited about more than any other in the catalogue. The Oris’ Artix GT Chronograph.

It’s what you might call “techy,” but it pulls off the look a lot better than what you’re used to seeing. Too often a racing or aviation-inspired watch looks kitschy. It’s a popular look unto itself these days. But some of us appreciate a capable watch without it looking like a piece of bonafide military kit. And that’s one area where the Artix GT shines.

The watch is sleek, black, and there’s a bit of a monochromatic effect going on. It’s jet black with stainless steel accents, and there’s an option for a sport red second hand. The version with the stainless steel hand and jet black setting looks even nicer. It’s a symphony in black and white. Something the Beatles might wear if they came around today. A sophisticated look. It’s attractive, but doesn’t look like special forces gear. The purists among us should enjoy this.

At the same time the watch is quite utilitarian. The build allows for customization and tweaking before ordering. The base model has a rubber strap, as do most of the GT variants. There is a stainless steel band version available too, which looks quite nice.

Let’s talk about insurance and warranty information. We’re devastated when something goes wrong with an otherwise perfect watch. As careful as one might be, something so front-facing as a watch might to take a hit at some point. A knick or a scratch can come from anywhere. Not to mention we move our arms around an awful lot. Coveted as they may be, watches come into contact with hard surfaces in daily life all the time. Accidents happen.

It’s thankful, then, that the warranty for this timepiece is quite inclusive. It’ll keep you underneath Oris’ umbrella for three years. This is a high end warranty given what we know about the build quality. For a piece containing sapphire crystal and all the bells and whistles, you could do much worse.

Many watchmakers live in either one of two camps when it comes to assuring the quality of their builds. The first camp sees them building something durable yet void of any respectable warranty. Hey, the watch will last forever anyway, right? The other option is to build something intricate that’s backed by a strong warranty.

Oris merges and brings the best of both approaches to the table. The Artix GT is both durable and intricate. It has the backing of an inclusive and comfortable warranty. You’ve got over a thousand days to brandish your Artix GT. During that time you’ll have the full assurances of the manufacturer. That’s quite an insurance policy.

For those of you interested in the technical specifications, they are plenty. It’s clear Oris want the GT to stand out and maybe even become their flagship watch. A full technical breakdown is available on their site, but it’s a little dry. It’s still nice of Oris to make so much information about their watch available though. As for what’s easy to digest:

The case is black titanium, with fixed black ceramic. Black dial with black hands and the numeral hour markers are of an Arabic styling. These features are what give the watch its dark, cutting personality.

There are luminescent hands and markers, which is thankful. Given its color, the watch doesn’t reflect a lot of light in the evenings. Minute markers are around the rim, and you’ll have your date display right at 3 o’clock.

It’s also scratch resistant and comes with a matching jet black case.

The final verdict on the Oris Artix GT Chronograph is that it’s a breath of relief. Too often watches inspired by aviation, boating, racing (cool stuff) just don’t look… cool. They’re tacky, too big, or just don’t work. The Artix has enough onboard features for the superuser, but doesn’t look it. It’s dark, it’s cool, and it’s durable to the extreme. For the price (they go for between $2-2.5k depending on customization), it’s a steal.

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