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Our Favorite Valentine Wines

Whether you have dinner reservations, ordering take-out for dinner, or making dinner at home, this list of wines will surely impress your Valentine. The best part is – we have done all the work for you. This list includes reds, whites, rosé, and sparking wine options that should satisfy any palette, so no need to worry. This Valentine’s Day show your appreciation by capturing their heart with wine that is new, light, sweet, refreshing, bold, or unique.

Maison Marcel

Still Rosé – JGoldcrown Edition ($18.99) – SHOP NOW

Crafted in a small cooperative in the northwest of Provence, where rosé wines are traditionally vinified dry, their signature product is one-of-a-kind. Made from a family recipe, it delivers a crisp and well balanced off-dry taste profile. Not too sweet, not too dry, just right!

Edelheiss Wine

Edelheiss Sparkling Rosé Wine – SHOP NOW

This non-vintage wine in a wonderful fine bead. The nose exhibits seductive fresh berries and cassis with hints of spice which leads you into a fresh, crisp and lively palate filled with velvety forest berries and spice. A long and satisfying finish. When chilled, can be enjoyed with your favourite fare.

Vara Wines

Silverhead Brut Cava ($18) – SHOP NOW

This Cava has a brilliant light-yellow color with fine well-released bubbles forming a continuous bead and a fantastic crown. The nose is youthful and fresh with pleasant fruity and floral aromas. This bubbly is very pleasant on the palate with a mildly dry fruitiness and a nice persistence of liveliness. The finish is clean and very well balanced, inviting you to another taste.

This delicious sparkling wine enhances any occasion and nearly any dish. From brunch throughout the day, or dinner in the evening, enjoy this fine Cava with friends and family. Serve chilled.

Cellier des Dauphins

Les Dauphins Rosé – SHOP NOW

This award-winning rosé has a silky texture and offers gentle acidity with hints of grapefruit, finishing with a tingle of exotic fruit. With tastes of fresh grapefruit and exotic fruit, it pairs well as an aperitif.

Charles Krug

2017 Cabernet Sauvignon ($39) – SHOP NOW

Sourced principally from their five family estates in Yountville, their Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon displays black fruit aromas with hints of brown sugar and toffee. This medium bodied wine showcases a rich mélange of cherry, blackberry and black currant flavors set against a beautifully integrated backdrop of lightly toasted oak, all leading to a smooth lingering finish.


Irmàna by Corvo – SHOP NOW

Irmàna by Corvo reflects the importance of man’s presence in the vineyard. With natural elegance, the labels are printed on recycled paper and feature delicate pencil drawings to tell our story of daily vineyard work; where our vineyard team works to ensure the most superior quality wines. 

Irmàna features two expressions of native varietals, Grillo & Frappato, to offer the very best of Sicily with an authentic, hand harvested, sustainably farmed experience. An indigenous varietal to Sicily, Irmàna Grillo is a hand harvested wine produced in a sustainable way. This bright yellow, full bodied wine, with hints of green, has a floral aroma with clear notes of Mediterranean flora. Irmàna Frappato is produced from hand-harvested grapes with respect for nature. This red wine has a refreshing fruit palate and soft finish.

Chateau Ste Michelle

Rosé 2-Pack Aluminum Bottles ($11.99) – SHOP NOW

Like a bowl of strawberries with just a hint of currant, this rosé is wonderfully fruit driven with a clean, food friendly finish. Sold in packs of 2 – 250mL aluminum bottles.


Vintner Collection, California Chardonnay Pink Glitter Edition ($59) – SHOP NOW

Layered with vanilla cream and intense citrus aromas. The palate is rich and viscous with lasting finish like meringue. This medium bodied, off-dry wine is only available while supplies last, so get your bottle asap.

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