The milk industry better MOOOOOOOOOOVE over. There’s a new way to get your dairy beverage intake without the use of cows. The company Perfect Day, formerly known as Muufri, has re-invented milk, by creating animal-free dairy milk. Perfect Day is made with real milk proteins, casein and whey, without giving up milk’s delicious taste and nutritional benefits.

Concerned about the risks and challenges of animal welfare and agricultural sustainability related to the industrial dairy production (also known as factory farming), Perfect Day offers a cow-less milk that is more “humane, eco-friendly, and sustainable.” Also, taking into account the potential food safety and bacterial contamination risks that can occur in factory farming, Perfect Day provides a cleaner and greener alternative.

It works like this. Perfect Day uses a fermentation process similar to that of brewing beer. Perfect Day combines approved and standard USDA yeast cells with chemically synthesized cow DNA. This allows the yeast to ferment sugar and make real milk proteins. After, plant-based (lactose-free) sugar, healthy plant fats, vitamins, and minerals are added to create cow-less milk. WOW!

The healthful benefits of Muufri include:

Hormmone, Antibiotic, and Steroid-Free
Lactose Free
Cholesterol – Free

High Protein
More Food Safe
Longer Shelf Life

Perfect Day aims to produce products that are widely accessible, at a low cost to their consumers. Hoping to be available in stores later this year, Perfect Day is also focusing on creating products other than milk. But, if you can’t wait until then Perfect Day encourages curious onlookers to visit their brewery and try some samples. When the first set of Perfect Day products are launched it is without a doubt the products will have no problem moooooving off of the shelves!

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