Electric automakers are experiencing something of a bloom in the marketplace. Drivers and buyers everywhere are investing enough money into electric vehicles and the infrastructure to support them that we’re finally seeing innovation in the space from companies that have been taking a “wait and see” approach. 

Volvo is one such automaker, and Polestar is the company’s answer to electric sedans and other offerings from carmakers like Tesla. Polestar’s aim is to bring Volvo’s iconic performance and reputation for reliability to bear in the electric vehicle market.

Volvo’s already impressive ability to marry high-tech gadgetry and amenities with Swedish styling and design language is already translating well to the new models on offer, too.

The Polestar 2, for example, is every bit the challenger for the Tesla Model 3, matching a number of its key metrics (or exceeding them where possible). Due to their “new kid on the block status,” despite being under Volvo’s umbrella, Polestar are still developing and winding up their most powerful punches for the coming years.

That’ll include the Polestar 3, an all-electric crossover, and a four-door hatchback that has every indication of bearing the Polestar 5 name.

One of the benefits of Volvo’s pedigree is the company’s ability to deliver one-offs and interesting concept cars to market, using feedback from drivers and critics to inform the design of their next models. This allows Polestar to have a decidedly modern car, despite their comparative youth on the EV stage.

Polestar created an experimental Polestar 2 last year that went on to hog a great deal of attention at the Goodwin Festival of Speed. That model was more or less a “what if” version of the car that featured a number of dynamic upgrades to the base model. Despite their intent to keep the car as a poster and showcase favorite, it was so popular that Polestar decided to matriculate the design to full production, culminating in the Polestar 2 BST Edition 270.

Whether you’re a seasoned driver of electric vehicles or are just starting to get a feel for them, don’t feel tied to the one or two brands that have pushed EVs heavily in their marketing for the past few years or decades. Companies like Volvo’s Polestar are entering the mix and have offerings on hand that are certainly worthy of any driver’s attention.

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