At the time of this writing, Porsche has been selling the 911 for 58 years. Just about every year of that tenure has seen the 911 inch ever closer to the vaunted title of “undisputed king of sports cars,” with performance and driver-experience pedigree that few other models, and indeed entire auto companies, can replicate.

The interior of the 911 is a tad surprising – there’s a slightly roomier feel in the front than the appearance of the car lets on. Sophisticated, sporty design elements aside, the most on-brand feature of the car is a low-as-can-go seating position for the driver. This is sure to be a welcome addition to drivers who like to feel “connected” to the road, receiving tactile feedback from the asphalt under them.

Porsche’s design philosophy may just be our favorite example of the old phrase, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” and it hasn’t changed much over time. The only area where a modern 911 would differentiate itself from a 911 several generations older would be the dashboard and control surfaces.

On this year’s model, every 911 is equipped with a 10.9” display in the center. Porsche’s proprietary operating system received a substantial update, too. It effectively serves as a digital assistant, not dissimilar to the ones we find on our smartphones. Along those lines, the car received Android Auto and Apple Music compatibility this year, too.

The speakers and sound system driving it are suitably high-end, with 8-speaker audio coming with the car as a standard offering. Also on offer, but not standard, is a 12 or 13-speaker Burmester premium sound system.

Thankfully, it’s not all flash and no substance where the electronic upgrades are concerned. The 911 does come with modern and useful safety amenities such as automatic high-beam lights, night vision, and blind-spot monitoring.

The 2022 Porsche 911 thankfully has a rather large suite of drive options available, which is an improvement over Porsches of old. There’s a very snappy, snicky dual-clutch automatic transmission on offer, as well as a manual transmission. The car also remains available and practical to its owner year-round, as rear and all-wheel drive is available. That’s another notable improvement over the carmaker’s previous iterations of the 911.

There are few, if zero, reasons not to view this year’s 911 as an all-time classic. Porsche continues to surprise and amaze by finding new, exciting innovations for their fleet – all without compromising a single bit of the car’s integrity or athleticism. The 911 on offer right now is the embodiment of an engineering philosophy that sees driver-favorites return year after year, with improvements. Those years add up – and in 2022, are totaling one seriously transcendent car.

Video courtesy of Porsche

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