Whatever your take on the palatability of four-door coupes, the Panamera is Porsche’s staunch reminder to the world that it can be done. And it can be done well.
The goal hasn’t changed — make something that drives like a sports car, but feels like a luxury car on the inside. Porsche haven’t disappointed with the Panamera.

They’ve stuck to the theme of previous models and focused heavily on making the entire interior of their car a slick, highly practical, and supremely comfortable place to sit, wholly inseparable from the interior of a dedicated luxury car.

The back seat is tremendous and spacious, and the size of the trunk leaves very little to be desired. If you’re back and forth all day with the kids, going shopping, or have a few things to lug around with you, the Panamera is more than accompanying. Gone are the days of automobile companies boasting about the trunk size of their high-end sports models, only to roll something off the line that can’t hold a pocket watch in its boot. Foot space, head space, all the sticking points and paranoia of a typical foray into 4-door coupes have been addressed by Porsche.

In terms of appearance, the car is indiscernible from a 911 from some angles. From the rear, this is less so, as it sports a more “traditional” shape than some of Porsche’s more popular entries. Most assuredly, the changes are welcome here.

Performance wise, the company knows you’re not looking at the Panamera because you want to impress your friends taking corners. This car favors the practical, luxurious side of things, and as such, Porsche started the Panamera out with a fairly standard non-turbo V6 powertrain. It behaves very tamely.

However, if you want your car to really snarl and you’d rather not skimp on the sporty side of things, you can upgrade to a twin turbo V6, a V8 (which we’ll note, sounds quite nice), and even a 416-BHP Hybrid plug-in engine. There’s even a turbocharged V8 available for the driver who never wants to be late to something again.

The latest entry to the Panamera fleet doesn’t disappoint… anyone. There’s something to love regardless of what school of thought you’re in vis-a-vis driving experience. The car feels smooth, steering it feels every bit as lazy and effortless as it should, and the car is generally as responsive and comfortable as you ever could hope for. Porsche have a slam dunk on their hands with this model.

You’re sitting in a recliner. But be aware, that recliner can run at 175-192 MPH, depending on drivetrain.

Give it a shot. It’s something to get used to, but there’s nothing like owning a car that has a good Nurburgring time a nd can haul two carts’ worth of groceries around.

Video courtesy of Porsche West Broward