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Positivity Alkaline Water

Positivity Alkaline Water is exactly what it names describes – bottled positivity that’s fundamentally good for your body and good for your mind. The StarWalker Industries-owned brand reflects the now widely-recognized adage that you are what you put into your body and Positivity Alkaline Water has a 9.5 pH that helps you refresh, restore, and renew your body. By supporting Positivity Alkaline Water, you’re also putting positivity in the health industry by supporting a minority-owned bottled water manufacturer and distributor. 

Packaged in a convenient 700mL sports cap bottle, the water is infused with electrolytes and is sourced from free-flowing Smoky Mountains water; it doesn’t get more natural than this. It’s also available in convenient locations, such as the bustling Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport, truly showing that big things can happen with patience and hard work. In fact, StarWalker Industries began in 2014, led by David M. Walker, Esq., who is an accomplished Atlanta-based business attorney and mechanical engineer. This Renaissance man created Positivity Alkaline Water with a simple mission: create a clean PET recycling start-up that could scale easily and form the foundation for a more environmentally friendly environment for the planet and for people. Indeed, StarWalker Industries puts its money where its mouth is by incentivizing customers to do their part in making the environment cleaner: if you return a 15-pack case of empty bottles, still with their caps, then you are eligible to receive a $3 cash reward. 

The benefits of drinking Positivity Alkaline Water include having clearer skin by flushing out toxins that build up in the body and can sometimes lead to indigestion. Consumers often discuss the positive impact they see daily, such as weight loss, cholesterol reduction, and an increased body pH. In fact, many fans of the beverage have noted that they didn’t even realize that by drinking cleanly sourced alkaline water, they can achieve many of the health and energy goals they’ve always aspired to. 

Most of all, this water is part of a positive lifestyle that keeps busy people sane. Sometimes it’s all too easy to put the environment and your own health last in the rat race and day-to-day tasks. However, with its convenience, competitive pricing, and great taste, Positivity Alkaline Water is the best way to keep your day healthy for the long-term.

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