Priscila Sales

Priscila Sales

Gracing the sands of Miami South Beach, you will find model Priscila Sales staying fit with her routine exercise regimen or practicing volleyball. With an origin from Brazil this bronze skin beauty has been the feature for several publication, chic clothing lines, commercials and informercials as well as bumped shoulders with the world’s top celebrities from Fast & Furious’ Ludacris, actor Matthew Mcconaughey to business mogul Sean Combs. The young Brazilian is becoming one the entertainment and media darlings of Miami all the while winning people over with her beautiful smile and personality.

Industry Rules sat down with Pricila to discuss the latest happenings in career.

AF: How did you get started in the modeling industry?

PS:  I started in the modeling industry because my friend in the building asked if I wanted to shoot and from there I had the opportunity to build a portfolio. I am Latina so I believe the doors to modeling opened up because of how the market is in Miami and instagram helped.

AF: What was some the projects that you have been featured? What knowledge did you gain from that experience?

PS: Some of the projects I have been featured in such as Nicki Minaj and Trey Songs, Pitbull and Ludacris. From these experiences I learned to be punctual, everybody is pretty in this business so you must be friendly. Your personality is what drives interest.

AF: What’s a day in the life of being Priscila Sales?

PS: a day in the life of Priscila is waking up early, walking the dogs, going to the gym. I prepare for any castings or shoots I have for the day, I go on my instagram to show my followers some love then I go to my real job.

AF: We featured your native country of Brazil (along with Capoeira) last month.  When was the last time you were there? How was that experience?

PS: the last time I was in Brazil was in march. I liked the fact that my family is proud of what I have accomplished in Miami, meeting celebrities and being in the media. They are proud of me.

AF: How do you manage to stay fit? What’s your preferred nutritional diet?

PS: I stay fit by eating pizza. I don’t really have a diet. I eat a little bit of everything with moderation. I workout and play volleyball and that helps keep me balanced.

AF: What is your next project?

PS: My next project is a casting for beach bum.

You can keep up with Priscila by following her on Instagram.


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