Legendary producer Quincy Jones is suing the Michael Jackson’s estate for the sum of $30 million dollars. He’s claiming that the money owed is from unpaid royalties. Both Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones worked on Michael’s record setting album “Thriller” that sold over 65 million copies worldwide.  Jones also worked on Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” and “Bad” albums as a producer.

Since Michael Jackson’s untimely death, his estate continues to profit from his legendary music.  This is the key issue as Quincy Jones’ legal team argues that Jones is entitled to millions of dollars that has been generated over the years.

“He hasn’t been adjusted as Michael was adjusted,” Jones’ attorney Mike McKool told the jury. Part of the lawsuit stems from Michael Jackson’s documentary “This Is It”. The film features songs that were produced by Quincy Jones.  According to McKool, the film grossed over $500 million dollars.  The estate received $90 million dollars while Jones was paid only $455,000.

The estate’s lawyer, John Branca, states that they offered Jones 2-3 compensation to settle out of court.

“It was never our practice to cheat … Mr. Jones,” attorney Branca testified. He later admitted that Jones was not giving proper credit for the documentary, “This Is It”.

With this admittance and glaring compensation oversight, Quincy Jones and his legal team is hoping that the judicial system back their position.

Stay tuned!