Rachael Ann Hall

Newport Beach, CA native, Rachael Ann Hall is a Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Model, Fitness Instructor and content creator.

From over 18 years of dance experience, to studying ballet at Joffrey ballet school in New York City, and to completing over hundreds of hours in Hot Yoga Lift, Plyojam, and CPR/First Aid certification; Movement has always been one of Rachael’s passion. 

Her goal in life is to aid dancers, fitness practitioners, and children to grow and strengthen their practice through knowledge, exploration, and inspiration. Content creation has been her biggest outlet to help aid her goal by reaching people around the world with her videos across various social platforms. 

She currently resides in Los Angeles pursuing her professional dance and fitness career.

AF: What’s your greatest wish at the moment?

RH: I am also a Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor. Teaching brings me such great joy. What is amazing about these classes is it forces me to keep working towards becoming a better version of myself. I get to pursue a passion of mine while impacting others and benefiting their life through a shared experience of fitness.

My greatest wish is to do that through dancing as well. What is so beautiful about dance and art in general is you take from it what makes sense to you. Dance gives me freedom to seek rawness and soul in my movement and I hope to portray that and connect to others through it. I like to authentically express and tell my own story through dance but I hope anyone watching can connect in some way to their own story.

AF: Why are you so drawn to dancing?

RH: I love so many different genres of dance but one that I connect to and specialize in is heels dancing. There is something just about that shoe that makes me feel a certain way. Heels dancing empowers me to be all that I am. Fiercely and authentically myself. It feels so liberating to be confident and unapologetic for embracing your own femininity. I can’t think of a better representation of beauty then embracing all that you are.

AF: What are you doing right now in your career?

RH: Right now, I am focused on manifesting my own lane in the LA dance industry by being devoted and working on my craft every single day.

Modeling and acting are two other artistic ways I  have started to work on. Being in front of the camera is a thrilling feeling that makes me feel more alive then ever. My goal this upcoming year is to really dive more into these two things to advance in my career and even improve my dancing. 

To keep my spirit strong, I just think of myself as my only competition. Constantly trying to outdo my past, not other people. In an ever-changing environment, I think just staying true to myself has kept me going as well. What has brought me peace is letting God work in and through me. He knows exactly where he wants me. What is for me will always be. I have realized ever since I let faith be the driving force in my life, I have been overwhelmed with peace rather than being tormented by fear.

You can continue to follow Rachel’s journey via her Instagram or TikTok.

Photograph by Simon S Photography

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