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Range Rover Velar

Though headline real estate is understandably hard to come by in 2021 thanks to offerings like the Porsche Macan or the Land Rover Defender we’ve covered previously, but drivers would do well not to forget about the Land Rover Range Rover Velar.

With a modern hybrid inline-six powerplant or a turbocharged four-cylinder model on offer, efficiency would be enough of a selling point for the Velar. On appeal, we might be inclined to point to the cabin and its many comforts — including a suite of thoughtful and well-designed technological amenities — as the Velar’s strong suit.

Land Rover are calling the car’s infotainment system the Pivi Pro, a powerful software interface that gives others on the market a serious run for their money where ease of use is concerned. Drivers will have no issue managing (quickly and pain-free, mind you) features like air filtration, drive-mode selection, or the car’s suspension. Something to note: drivers that do opt to have adjustable air suspension have a fairly wide range of performance outputs at their disposal, with on and off-roading driving profiles that are both more than adequate.

Buyers will also find themselves in control of audio and bluetooth connectivity options, navigation settings, smartphone integration, eight crystal clear speakers, and voice control. Should they choose, drivers will be able to opt for upgraded speakers, as well as a few trim upgrades or other improvements over the standard options.

Standing out among the car’s already impressive lineup of interior offerings is its simplistic, yet bold design language reminiscent of modern structural design. In other words, you might be forgiven for guessing that Land Rover hired some interior designers known for their work in the home to partner with their own design team to craft a bespoke interior for the Velar.

All the materials are visibly high-quality, and the customization offerings on hand are fairly unique to this model, even in a modern automotive retail environment where standing out is a must. Drivers will be able to customize the very materials that Land Rover use for the interior styling, and all the available options are quite nice. All told, it’s an excellent bit of detailing that makes the Velar a wise choice for any driver.

Video by Raiti’s Rides

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