Roland Cameau

Roland Cameau is an accomplished musician and songwriter from Haiti.  He’s also a music teacher where he devotes his time teaching children the nuance of playing organic music instruments. The talent guitarist set down with Industry Rules to discuss his latest project.

AF: What are some of the memorable experience working on Rise of the Phoenix?

RC: First, I want to thank “Industry Rules” for taking the time to share this moment with me. You guys are doing an exceptional job.
To answer your question my most memorable moments doing the album were the opportunity to work with so many wonderful talented musicians. Dadou Pasquet, from “Magnum Band”, Yves Abel, from “Tabou Combo”, Singer Martine Marseille, Alix Ambroise, from the “Blues & Red Band”, drummer Shedly Abraham to name just a few.

AF: What was your inspiration for Rise of the Phoenix?

RC: I became very motivated to do the album when the devastating earthquake hit Haiti years ago.. I felt a need to get myself involve to help the country rebuild no matter how small.

AF: Since this devastating earthquake hit Haiti, what have you done in regards to contribution to the rebuilding of the country?

RC: The idea behind the making of the album was to take a percentage of each album sale to create a special fund where this money would be used in the education sector in Haiti. Honestly, album sales alone won’t be enough. I’m in the process of creating a “non-profit organization” which I’m hoping to raise funds in other ways. Furthermore, I visited Haiti last year to evaluate a sight that I’m hoping to build a school on.

AF: It’s to my understanding that you are building a music school in Haiti.  Can you elaborate at a little more?

RC: As I mentioned, I have a property that is perfect for a school, however, it is severely damaged. I’m working on having it rebuilt. As an educator, nothing would please more to see this property as a school to help provide education to young Haitians.

AF: What’s next in your career?

RC: The overall feedback from the album is very positive. People wants to know when will I put forth another? Although I have a repertoire set aside, I’ve not decided when I’ll return to the studio. I’m planning to go to Haiti next year for further evaluation of the property. I’m hoping by then I’ll establish the “non-profit organization” to start raising the money needed to build the school whether through sponsorship, performances, recording, etc.

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