Always known as an overly ambitious person, Sasha started college as a double major in Pre-Med and Communication Studies while at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. However, after her third year of school she realized that her childhood dream of becoming a pediatrician was no longer there. Her passion for communications and the media industry grew due to her participation in pageants and her work as a model.

The 24 year old Colombian-American graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2016 with a Degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Media and Technological productions. She is currently building her career as a reporter and television host. She has had the opportunity to work as a sideline reporter for NBA and NCAA collegiate games and has had the opportunity to speak on personal topics surrounding the Afro-Latina/o community. Sasha has continued to pursue her passion for the Latin community by working as an associate producer for LET Network’s Spanish styled cooking show called, Sazon. The determined model is always looking to enhance her skills and has been working as the Director of Communications and Senior Marketing Manager for a tech start-up named, Foobee.
When she’s not furthering her professional career, Sasha focuses her energy on pursuing her dream of being a print and runway model. She enjoys the high energy that the industry provides and the ability to express herself through the creative vision of photographers, designers, artists and makeup artists. Sasha has had the privilege to work for internationally recognized designers through her work as a runway model. She has been working as an independent model for the last 6 years and hopes to continue to grow her portfolio and leave her mark within the industry.

Her interest in modeling began due to her history with pageantry. Sasha was surprised to find out that her mom submitted her for a local pageant her sophomore year of high school. Although she was completely against it she participated and quickly realized how amazing the world of pageantry really is. After her first pageant she was hooked, and didn’t need any convincing to participate. She has gone on to compete and win two state titles, the most recent being Miss Virginia World 2016. In the same year she placed 2nd- runner up in the nation at the Miss World America pageant.
While Sasha still has a lot of personal and professional goals that she aims to achieve she is proud of the success that she has had thus far and the growth that she has experienced.

This summer you’ll be able to learn even more about Sasha and her advice for those pursuing similar interests in her e-book which will be available on her website!



Credit: Photo by Carlos Velez